Add. Maths 101 by Sunny Yee

A group of elite Form 5 students were invited to attend an Add. Maths workshop, organised by K-Perak and conducted by Mr. Sunny Yee. Yes, the one and only Sunny Yee, the Add. Maths and Physics genius. It was indeed an honour to be learning from him. However, if the time was taken into account, one can't help but wonder whether it was all worth it. The course lasted from 8.00 am -5.00 pm which is nearly the whole day.

But in my opinion, it was all worth it. I arrived there at the same time as Ban Siong. Next came along RJ Kevin and Vinod. The first thing we had to check out was the toilet. Don't ask me why but we expected it to be high tech and all that crap. Now we know, not all funds allocated for the building was put to full use. In fact, I don't even think half the money was used to build this building. Hence, at this moment, a cry of, "Malaysia Boleh, Apapun Boleh!" is in order.

As we left the loo, Melwin and Kah Chuen showed up. Followed by Joshua who at that moment thought that being fashionably late was an accessory. Well, we went to the top floor and lucky for us, we got front row seats. We waited eagerly for the arrival of Sunny Yee, only to be told he would be late so, we had about 30 minutes to kill. Went to the lobby to catch some fresh air and got some cool photographs.

Finally, he arrived and all were attentive. Wow, he made a real lasting impression as a Add. Maths genius. Within the first 15 minutes, nearly the entire hall was left in confusion. But Mr. Yee was kind enough to slow down. His explanations were indeed detailed and intricate. He was able to prep us to face the hardest and most ambiguous questions known in the Add. Maths world. Nice of him though but I don't really see the relevance of it being taught if compared to SPM standards.

As Michaelians, the best time occurred during the lunch break which lasted an hour or so, as demonstrated by the pictures below. After lunch, we resumed the impressively long lecture which had nearly 3 quarters of the hall sleeping. (nata's have a very short attention span) The only groups left awake were the Michaelians and the Andersonians. Yeah, we love to study. At exactly 5.00pm, the participants were dismissed, much to the shock of the snoozing bums. All in all, I reckon it was indeed and eventful day. So, did all this bring me one step closer to Add. Maths supremecy? I have to say......


The Perak Techno Trade Center. Yes, it's the one near Jelapang.

Ahh, the not so technological signage.

That man is the one and only Sunny Yee in action.

Add. Maths in progress.

The Michaelian line. Attentive as usual.

Vinod, RJ Kevin and I.

Ban Siong and I.

Poser on the 7th floor a.k.a The Michaelian Hangout.

Check out the view. And the people blocking it. XD!

We've taken over the data centre. XD! You are officially under Michaelian control.

Portrait shot next to a....Fibre Optic Room?


The Elite Michaelians........XD!

Don't sleep RJ!!!!

Well, I guess that's about it.

Zieg Heil!!!!!


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