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You Must Be Joking

I used to think that life is a rather rigid item where if you play by the rules, everything would go just fine. I used to think that you have to give it your all to be something or else you would get all sorts of crap thrown at you. I know what it feels like to be in this position. Being a tall person doesn't make you the most popular guy around but it does place you as the butt of jokes. But this very concept of life (Life is a horrible thing. You live it through and just die. Silver lining my foot) which I perceived was about to change. I thought that life sucked. I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

Yesterday, I received a phone call which was about to slam me like a tonne of bricks. Seriously. It was about 4.30pm. I had just finished my Biology revision when I received this phone call and it went somewhat like this:

*phone rings

Me : Hello?

Caller : 请原谅我可能请对Thomas 刘 说吗?

Me : 是的,这是 Thomas 讲话.

Caller : 我在叫喊从........

Me : errmmm....您能否请说英语? 我不真的是能讲流利普通话.

Caller : Oh, very well then. I'm calling from Inti University College. This is regarding the INTI Leadership Excellence Award.

Me : What about the award?

Caller : You applied for the award 3 weeks ago. I'm happy to inform you that you are one of the lucky few who have been shortlisted for the interview. It will be held in your school from 8-9am at the Conference room. We request your presence there.

Me : *stunned with no reply.

Caller : Hello....hello....Mr. Thomas, are you there?

Me : Huh? Yes..Yes.. I'm here. Ahem! Will there be anything required?

Caller : Yes, please bring along your certificates and trial examination results.

Me : About that, my results aren't that perfect and I have yet to receive my trial result slip.

Caller : It's alright. We've seen your application qualifications and we are very impressed with it. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. If you have any further questions, please refer to your counsellor. Have a nice day. Bye.

Me : Thank you very much. You have a nice day too. Bye.

*end of conversation.

I slumped down on the floor. My legs felt like toufu. This cannot be possible. Do you want to know why? I applied for that scholarship not because I wanted it. In fact, I just thought to give it a try. I'd never expected to actually get shortlisted for it. My shock got worst today when a majority of my friends who applied for the scholarship with intentions to obtain it did not succeed. I felt bad. I mean I join this just for some experience and get chosen while those who depend on this scholarship for their future get denied. As I look back, there has been a lot of rather strange occurrence based on this guideline.

For example, about a month ago, HELP Institute shortlisted me to be one of their candidates eligible for their scholarship but I gladly declined as I'm not really interested at that time. However, my slot is still left open. Strange huh? The same thing happened to me again when Sunway called and even mailed me to inform me that I had been chosen for their scholarship. Declination once again. Taylors called to say I'm one of the few who got shortlisted but the process is still ongoing so I'm awaiting further results.

This even occurs in co-curricular activities. For example, when my team won the bi-annual HELP Institute Lay Olympiad, we actually took on the wittiest and toughest teams with a knack for law as a career. When the chief organiser asked if any of us were planning to be future lawyers the answer was simple. NO! I mean, I thought it was going to be hard but in fact it was really easy. We didn't need a law tome to succeed but all we needed was each other. And the best part was, there were a few teams that were seen preparing with law tomes before and during break times. And we still won. Not trying to brag here but what I'm actually trying to say is that sometimes, the most expected outcome can be the most unexpected one.

Well, a few people asked me if I was worried or nervous that the interview was drawing near. Honestly, I am more puzzled than I am nervous. In fact, I don't really feel nervous at all. Maybe the debate environment has turned me battle hardened or something. Well, there's nothing much I can do now. Just go in prepared and hope for the best. That's all for now. Will update after the interview. Till' next time,


23rd October 2009

The interview started today at 8.10 am. Chee Hoe and I were already in the OMA Meeting room at 8. Heh! Heh! It was indeed a treat to realise how nervous we can be before an interview. However, I was still more confused than nervous. We updated ourselves with current issues and economics (not sure how that's relevent). When they arrived, we were greeted by 3 highly trained professional interviewers. They requested that the interview be carried out separately and I was called in first. My heart began to thump slightly faster but not to the extent of uncontrolled perspiration (years of training as a debater has finally paid off). But what happened next really shocked and relieved me at the same time.

The interviewers arranged chairs in a circle and conducted the most intersting interview ever. It was not even scary. I soon find myself faced with questions I had not much difficulty in answering at all. They even asked me what my favourite car was. Well, after 45 minutes of conversational fun, it was time for my counterpart to proceed. I thanked them and headed out. It was the best interview I had experienced.

In conclusion, it was indeed a learning experience opening new doors for me. Though I know my chances of getting the scholarship is slim, but I'm in it foor the experience. Win or loose, it's not at prize that counts but the moments we spend as we live it through. But I hope for the best.

Like what Optimus said, "At the end of this day, one shall fall and only one shall stand!"


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