A Slice of The Past 3

Finished studying Add. Maths with head splitting consequences. As I kept my writing utilities in my drawer, a shiny box caught my eye. I reached into the drawer pulling out an old, dusty, silver spectacle box (classy eh). As I wiped the layer of dust off, the name 'Revo' appeared inscribed on the cover. As I opened the box, I was greeted by a sight, I thought I had long forgotten. My first spectacles.

Upon primary observation, this pair of glasses resemble that of a bygone era. An era when digital cameras was still on paper, when LCD televisions costs RM30,000 per piece, an era I'd like to call, the late 90's. Year 1999 to be exact. That's right fellow readers. I was short sighted for 10 years already. That's a decade in other words. Yeah, but it's the institutional matter of total geek-ism which makes this pair of glasses unique. If you've noticed the design, one can't help but wonder, how prehistoric it is.

All in all, this glasses have served me well, giving me my artificial eyes when I needed them the most. It doesn't fit me now but just finding it brings back fond memories. Memories of the impact these glasses made, the impact it made on me, the impact it made on my friends and the impact it made on my future... It'll be the forerunner for the entire lineup of glasses I possess. And it'll always be.

In your face shot.

Glasses deployed....

Top view..

Now, with that,



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