Another Sunday

Woke up at 8.00am today. Did some revision on Radioactivity. Now the only thing ringing in my head is a.m.u. and MeV. Damn! Had breakfast at about 11.00am. The curry noodles was lovely though a bit spicy. Went home and packed up some items to head back to grannies. Aunt from Singapore came back so we decided to drop by for a visit.

I managed to perfect 'Apologize' on the piano. Finally.... And I managed to get some Add. Maths done. After some research (by doing all other state papers) I have come to a conclusion that Perak's Add. Maths Trial Paper was by far the hardest compared to other states. Seriously. But with the amount of leakages, it may have been by far the easiest for a handful of students.

In the evening, we went to the gym and swimming. Heh! Heh! My brother and I were racing in the pool to see how many laps we could do and who could outlast who. Well, as usual, we couldn't find out who actually won as both of us so conveniently forgot how many laps we did.

After dinner, my dad took me and my bro bowling. Though our parents didn't join, we still had an awesome time. The goal of the game was to score without using any conventional methods or moves. Hence, a hilarious game of gutter balls was seen and after 3 sets each, our right arm felt dislodged for some reason. Went home after shopping for some books (novels for my bro and writing utensils and worksheets for me)

Finally, we went home. Continued doing Add. Maths until now. Well, that's all for now. Til' next time,



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