A Great Find

Today, I stumbled into something while in my dad's office. An old camera bag, with an SLR in it. And the best part is, it's a limited edition model. The Canon EOS 1000F was one of the first cameras with metering capabilities and exposure limiters. It also possessed the first generation Leica lens......Well, the predecessors of the lens anyway. It was built in the time when Carl Zeiss was in experimental stages.

After some quick research off the web, I found out that this cameras production was discontinued in June 1992. And a good condition camera can fetch up to USD 15 000 among interested collectors. Interesting. But it has become an agreement that it will not be sold no matter what. It's better than any DSLR created today and has memories of the past captured as best as celluloid can deliver. All in all, it will be called a veteren of the photography world and will always remain as a veteren.

It's not a Digital EOS. It's a retro, old school EOS.

Aha! Ze inner sanctum of ze bag.....

Look! No display screen. Now that's old school.

Quarter shot. Extreme lens diameter. 35-80mm

Frontal shot. Really big huh....

Shown with a 300mm lens. Works nearly as good as a 4X sniper zoom scope. Sharpness enhanced.

Side view with 300mm lens. It's long....Really long....

Fully extended, this lens is deadly. (not literally damnit!)

This lens just says... IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Mood shot. Take not that it is an EOS, not a digital EOS.

Top view. With 1st generation display screen on the right.

This is a roll of film. It's suppose to capture images on it.


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