Goodbye Mr. Swayze

At 2.15pm, shortly after arriving home, I got a message from Ruben :

"Patrick Swayze died......Wth......"

Patrick Wayne Swayze
1952 - 2009

I was shocked. The pancreatic cancer got the better of him. I might not know him that well, but the television programme 'The Beast" portrayed him the way I like all the good actors to be portrayed. A man who goes with God....and a bag full o' guns and violence.

Well, I'll remember his old but award winning movies like Ghost and Point Break. He's just an awesome actor who does things the way it's suppose to be done. After reading the way took on cancer, I took my hat off, to honour the man who took it like a man. Optimism, courage, perseverance and determination propelled this man to one of the greatest actors who ever lived.

So a moment of silence ladies and gentlemen, to honour the passing of a true Hollywood actor.

A promo shot from the television series, The Beast starring Swayze. Yup....That's a nickel plated Sig Sauer P228. Odd piece for a government agent.


SJ said…
owh,. may he rest in peace..

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

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