An Eventful Day

September 22nd, 1939...... Poland fell to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
September 22nd, 2009.....70 years later, I celebrated my friends birthday.

Today, I celebrated Wai Wai's birthday at Jusco.

Woke up at about 7.00pm. Did a quick recap of the events planned for the day........ Ok, I didn't plan for the day. DAMN! But hey, there is always Plan B.....which I forgot and ended with me, in the middle of Jusco, wondering what to get as a birthday present. Ended up getting a rather nice Pentel Mechanical Pencil. (now her SPM lucky pencil). Heh! Heh!

Then, we headed for a round of bowling. Ahem! She's really good at bowling. Ended up nearly loosing to her. (by nearly, I mean by 20 points. Jeez! My macho-ness must be preserved) Still, it's not all about winning or loosing but just having fun....(gee, it took me 17 years to realize that?)

True to birthday traditions, a cake is a must. Where do we get a cake in Jusco? Oh yeah, I forgot, Secret Recipe. XD! She got a chocolate chip cheese cake and I got sky juice. I'm watching my sugar level. That's right, I'm eating healthy. Not that I'm worried that I'll get fat or something.

We managed to catch a rather funny and kid-orientated movie (was actually looking forward to something more gory and violent), G-Force. I was rather impressed that a kiddie movie can actually tons of fun to watch (probably because it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer). Enjoyed it a lot. Also met Seng Hoo and Kok Keat.

Finally, we had lunch at Food and Tea. Bumped into a few friends there. Jane, Eva, Benjamin, Jeremy, Sue Li, Yean Kit and Yee Yang. What a coincidence, it was Eva's birthday too. Seems like September 22nd is a really eventful day. At 3.30pm, we went our separate ways. It was a great day. Though she insisted that she would take me out on my birthday, I declined.

It's all about friendship. We are nothing without them. So before you start ranting about how terrible your friend is, just remember, they may be the ones you need the most.

Wai Wai and I. For once, my face looks bad.....XD!


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