Well, trials are finally over with a really outlandish end to it. A crescendo so loud that it'll shake the very foundations of trustworthiness. You all know what I'm talking about. Though it may have benefited many Form 5's at present, I'm not sure if the bigger picture is getting impaled into their brains yet. True, you may obtain glory dishonourably and not feel guilty about it. However, think in this context: "How long are you going to keep it up?"
You may be able to do it once but you may not be so lucky the second time. I'm not trying to be your nanny here but for your consideration, try not to do it.

There is no shame in not succeeding. The very foundation of success is derived from failure. Great people who went down in history are many. And they succeeded from failure. For example:

Adolf Hitler - Got gassed in World War 1. Was a total loser. Prospered to be one of the greatest (psychotic)leaders in history. Propelled to success, infamy and finally utter destruction.

J. Walther Christie - Was a factory worker. The butt of every joke. Invented the Christie Suspension which was the guideline for all tank suspensions. In short, the father of all suspensions.

Hiram S. Maxim - A rival inventor to Thomas Edison. The inventor of the very first light bulb (credit stolen by Edison). Never credited for anything until his greatest invention. The Maxim machine gun. The very first machine gun.

and many others.....

So what if you are looked down upon. I know what it feels like. But by failing, it actually inspires us to succeed. Think about it, if you've been stepped on before, would you just remain there or would you force your way out of it, to break away, to achieve things, others can only dream of achieving. The choice is yours ladies and gentlemen. Either live for something or die for nothing.

That aside, my day went pretty well. I came home, itching to use the computer for the whole day or something close to that. But I ended up doing Add. Maths. Yes, I've taken the initiative to "re-sit" my Add. Maths. trial paper. Surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult as I first expected it to be. Either I'm bloody lucky or God just made it all so clear. XD!

Do you remember the saying that children can't wait to be adults? Well, as time passes, we just don't really like to live up to that dream anymore. It's just time to move on I guess. With time as fine as a strand of hair, there's just no time to stop and stare. All the best in life ladies and gentlemen. Godspeed....

Doodles of confusion.....


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