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Another milestone in history. My 32 year old cousin brother tied the knot. Well, isn't that some splendid news. The chemical engineer finally got married. Now that's really something. This goes to show, you don't need to be exceptionally cool to get a girl in your life. All you need to be is yourself. Well, congratulations to him and have a great life ahead.

My brother, me, my mum and my nephew, Darren.

Me familia. Peace out....

Isn't this one great big happy family. Smile people...

Nelson, my cousin (a.k.a Liam Neeson), my bro and I.

Great time?


An Eventful Day

September 22nd, 1939...... Poland fell to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. September 22nd, 2009.....70 years later, I celebrated my friends birthday.

Today, I celebrated Wai Wai's birthday at Jusco.
Woke up at about 7.00pm. Did a quick recap of the events planned for the day........ Ok, I didn't plan for the day. DAMN! But hey, there is always Plan B.....which I forgot and ended with me, in the middle of Jusco, wondering what to get as a birthday present. Ended up getting a rather nice Pentel Mechanical Pencil. (now her SPM lucky pencil). Heh! Heh!

Then, we headed for a round of bowling. Ahem! She's really good at bowling. Ended up nearly loosing to her. (by nearly, I mean by 20 points. Jeez! My macho-ness must be preserved) Still, it's not all about winning or loosing but just having fun....(gee, it took me 17 years to realize that?)

True to birthday traditions, a cake is a must. Where do we get a cake in Jusco? Oh yeah, I forgot, Secret Recipe. XD! She got a chocolate…

A Great Sunday 2

Firstly, I would like to wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters out there:

Heh! Heh! For the first time in history, we actually celebrated Hari Raya. Seriously....
Allow me to explain. My granny has a maid who is and ocean away from home. SO, this year, we decided to make her feel at home by celebrating Hari Raya with her. We cooked up a feast consisting of traditional 'Rendang' chicken, lemang, rice, and much more.

She was surprised but she was so stunned, she had not many words to say. Heh! Heh! Must have been a real great surprise. My uncle and aunt came back to celebrate with us which made us feel even more prospourous and vibrant. At the end of the day, the maid was really appreciative of our efforts and well, more importantly, we had fun too.

All in all, no matter who the person is, they to are human. Just like you an me. So, lets not oppress them like a handful of inhumane monsters (if I ever cross one, by George, I'll give the person a piece of my mind). They came he…

I Love You

I found this poem and it seems quite nice.... It's about love of sorts but hey, all poems are subjective. It's up to you to decipher its meaning.

I love you with a permanence;
that endures the passing years.
I love you with a joyfulness;
that subdues all doubts and fears.
I love you with an honesty;
that was born within my heart.
I love you with a calm belief;
that we shall never part.
I love you with a confidence;
no earthly force can server.
I love you with a certainty;
that i`ll cherish you forever.
I love you with the humbles.
Of one who has been blessed.
I love you with a reverence;
of all that words suggest.
I love you with a forever;
that time cannot reverse.
I love you with the truest love;
that poets put to verse!


Well, trials are finally over with a really outlandish end to it. A crescendo so loud that it'll shake the very foundations of trustworthiness. You all know what I'm talking about. Though it may have benefited many Form 5's at present, I'm not sure if the bigger picture is getting impaled into their brains yet. True, you may obtain glory dishonourably and not feel guilty about it. However, think in this context: "How long are you going to keep it up?"
You may be able to do it once but you may not be so lucky the second time. I'm not trying to be your nanny here but for your consideration, try not to do it.

There is no shame in not succeeding. The very foundation of success is derived from failure. Great people who went down in history are many. And they succeeded from failure. For example:

Adolf Hitler - Got gassed in World War 1. Was a total loser. Prospered to be one of the greatest (psychotic)leaders in history. Propelled to success, infamy and finally ut…

Goodbye Mr. Swayze

At 2.15pm, shortly after arriving home, I got a message from Ruben :

"Patrick Swayze died......Wth......"

Patrick Wayne Swayze
1952 - 2009

I was shocked. The pancreatic cancer got the better of him. I might not know him that well, but the television programme 'The Beast" portrayed him the way I like all the good actors to be portrayed. A man who goes with God....and a bag full o' guns and violence.

Well, I'll remember his old but award winning movies like Ghost and Point Break. He's just an awesome actor who does things the way it's suppose to be done. After reading the way took on cancer, I took my hat off, to honour the man who took it like a man. Optimism, courage, perseverance and determination propelled this man to one of the greatest actors who ever lived.

So a moment of silence ladies and gentlemen, to honour the passing of a true Hollywood actor.

A promo shot from the television series, The Beast starring Swayze. Yup....That's a nickel plated S…

Silly Me....

Heh! Heh! They say that with proper planning comes great success. Should've taken that a lot more seriously. So the other day, I bought a ticket to The Bamboozle from Raeshma. (shouldn't have bought it at tuition. Now everyone is making a joke out of it.)

Eagerly clutching the ticket, it struck me. Who's going to accompany me? Yeah, laugh all you want but RM70 went right down the tubes. I bought a ticket for a couple but I have no idea who will go with me. I'm not a likable person which means getting a date is as close to achieving world domination. Guess I must have forgotten I was single. XD! How ironic. My friends say I'd be the first to get a date but ended up not getting a date at all. Well, if anything big happens then....BOOYAH!

A blank spot to the right. Sigh! =_="

A Great Find

Today, I stumbled into something while in my dad's office. An old camera bag, with an SLR in it. And the best part is, it's a limited edition model. The Canon EOS 1000F was one of the first cameras with metering capabilities and exposure limiters. It also possessed the first generation Leica lens......Well, the predecessors of the lens anyway. It was built in the time when Carl Zeiss was in experimental stages.

After some quick research off the web, I found out that this cameras production was discontinued in June 1992. And a good condition camera can fetch up to USD 15 000 among interested collectors. Interesting. But it has become an agreement that it will not be sold no matter what. It's better than any DSLR created today and has memories of the past captured as best as celluloid can deliver. All in all, it will be called a veteren of the photography world and will always remain as a veteren.

It's not a Digital EOS. It's a retro, old school EOS.

Aha! Ze inner sanc…

It Got Me Thinking

Well, I've just realised something. It's been 17 years since I've been a member of this great world. I've got a great family, great dad, great mum and a great brother. Friends who are loyal...(though some just like to stab me right in the back. 'Thanks' a lot guys.) But what really intrigued me was my brother. I've known him for 15 years. We eat together, go to school together, hell we even sleep in the same room together (don't get the wrong impression or I'll gut you like the other 10 idiots I gutted....oops... that wasn't suppose to come out loud.)

But yet, we are like totally opposite people. I mean, we see some siblings who do nearly everything to mimic one another. For example, same dressing style, same eating habits, same hobbies. But I'm sad to say that that is not one of the finer points we share. We're as close as opposites as anyone can be. And it's rather clear. For example,

I like Need For Speed while he likes FIFA.
I like …

Far Away....

My life has reached a point of no return. It's almost time to leave the nest, for the long road ahead. Officially, this is where I say that life went by me like a flash.

But there were some good times and there were some bad times. So, here's an update of my life so far:

1. I've realised that as every year passes, I'm actually getting older.
2. There are many things I've dreamt of doing but never really achieved it.
3. I'm single......=_=". I liked someone. But it's too late now. I've screwed up. Bad timing I guess.

So, here's some lyrics that really match the situation at this very moment.
The song is called: Far Away by Nickelback. They're an awesome band I must say.
If you haven't heard this song, download it. It's awesome.

Far Away Lyrics

This time, This place
Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait
Just one chance
Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know,
you know, you know

That I…

A Dark Moment In My Life

Well, 31st August 2009 marked another year of independence, but that marked one dark moment in my history. Perhaps a few of you already know that I've got face palsy. To be more specific it's called Bell's Palsy. Here's a slice of information from Wikipedia:

Bell's palsy
is a paralysis of cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) resulting in inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Several conditions can cause a facial paralysis, e.g., brain tumor, stroke, and Lyme disease. However, if no specific cause can be identified, the condition is known as Bell's palsy. Named after Scottish anatomist Charles Bell, who first described it, Bell's palsy is the most common acute mononeuropathy (disease involving only one nerve) and is the most common cause of acute facial nerve paralysis. Bell's palsy is defined as an idiopathicunilateral facial nerve paralysis, usually self-limiting. The trademark is rapid onset of partial or complete palsy, usually in …