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What I Want - Vulcan 2000 Classic

2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 "Custom". Ain't it a beauty?

Now, many of you already know that I'm a motor head. But my lust does not lie only in the American Muscles. Yes, it's true, I'm the kind of guy who goes fast. The kind that goes from 0-60 mph in a flat 2 seconds. Yes, the adrenaline and the sheer lunacy in doing something that crazy can make the more 'senior' generation wonder, "Are this young jackasses trying to kill themselves?" But they should take some time for them to realize that they were once teenagers and loved to go fast. It's a phase of life. But I don't intend to outgrow this phase just yet.

Now, it may seem a bit childish but I actually intended to get a motorcycle license so that I could get the thrill of riding in the wind. But sadly, my parents didn't allow that on the count that it was literally unsound. Good call though. I could end up as road kill. Well anyway, I'm already halfway through to getting my drivers license. YAY! So it's a good thing. But if I got my motorcycle license, I would love to have a 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 "Custom".

It's the closest thing ever to a Harley Davidson but at a fraction of its price. And it packs more value for your buck in the sense that you get more features and technology compared to a Harley. But first, you all might ask, what's so interesting about this bike. Well, yes, I may hate the Japanese a lot but hey, I can never question their rights to build psycho bikes.

The first thing that catches my eye is the massive 2053cc engine. Roughly about the size of a 2.0 liter engine (yeah, it's way bigger than any Proton engine). It has a V-Twin engine which produces enough power to generate an earthquake.... seriously, you can hear the engine rumbling from 2 miles away. Further information on the engine is as follows.

Engine: Four-stroke, 52-degree V-twin, dual cams, eight valves
Displacement: 2,053cc/125ci
Bore x Stroke: 103mm x 123.2mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum Torque: 141 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
Cooling: Liquid, plus cooling fins
Induction: Digital fuel injection, dual 46mm Keihin throttle bodies
Ignition: TCBI with Digital Advance
Transmission: Five-speed manual.

It's even got a radiator the size of a cars radiator. Seriously.

Yeah, that is one big engine....

It's design is state of the art made out of a lightweight metal and it's comfort has no match. It can be compared to rolling in a Rolls Royce but hell, it is the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. Well, all the features are stated below.

Other stats include:

Frame: Steel, double-cradle with box-section single-tube backbone
Rake / Trail: 32 degrees / 7.2 in.
Suspension, Front / Wheel Travel: 49mm telescopic fork / 5.9 in.
Suspension, Rear / Wheel Travel: Triangulated steel pipe swingarm with direct-action single shock, fully-adjustable spring preload, eight-way rebound damping / 3.9 in.
Front Tire: 150/80-16
Rear Tire: 200/60-16
Brakes, Front Dual 300mm discs with four-piston calipers
Brakes, Rear: 320mm disc with dual-piston caliper
Overall Length: 99.8 in.
Overall Width: 40.4 in.
Overall Height: 45.5 in.
Ground Clearance: 5.3 in.
Seat Height: 26.8 in.
Dry Weight: 750 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 5.5 gal.
Wheelbase: 68.3 in.
Colors: Metallic Diablo Black
Atomic Silver
MSRP: $13,049
Warranty: 12 Months

Overall, I love this bike because of its practicality. It's comparatively more maneouverable than a Harley Davidson, it's sheer titanium pipe dreams and it just feels right. At RM40 000, it is indeed within my price range. It's surprisingly easier to maintain than a car and it's road tax is a lot cheaper and more economical than normal cars.

All in all, it is a dream I want to see a reality one day.
It's even beautiful in sleek black.

What are you? Some kind of doomsday device.



- 2,053cc four-stroke engine produces massive torque across the entire rpm range

- Strong and light forged pistons and alloy connecting rods

- Huge 220mm flywheel smoothes power delivery

- Push-rod valve actuation contributes to lower engine height, low center of gravity and relatively low seat height

- Hydraulic valve adjusters reduce maintenance

- Engine Control Unit (ECU) manages electronic fuel injection and digital ignition system optimizes throttle response

- Fuel injection system features sub throttle valves for smooth throttle response

- Fine atomizing injectors in the fuel injection system deliver ultra-fine fuel/air mixture for greater combustion efficiency, increased power and optimum fuel economy

- Center spark plugs enhance combustion for smooth, consistent power and reduced emissions

- Liquid and air cooling maintain consistent operating temperatures

- Engine and transmission feature built-in oil and water pumps, reducing weight and the number of parts

- Single-pin crank contributes to a classic V-twin sound

Transmission / Final Drive

- A gear position sensor in the five-speed transmission sends signals to the ECU, further enhancing fuel injection and ignition performance

- Uses a smooth, quiet, reliable and low maintenance belt final drive

Frame and Suspension

- Steel double-cradle frame features large-diameter, box-section single-tube backbone for strength

- Utilizing engine as a stressed member of the frame minimizes chassis weight

- Steel tube swingarm is simple and elegant

- Direct-action single shock features spring preload and rebound damping adjustment with 3.9 inches of travel for a smooth ride

- Large 49mm forks provide precise steering feedback and 5.9 inches of travel

Wheels and Tires

- 16-inch cast aluminum wheels add to the Vulcan 2000 Classic’s high-quality look

- Fat 200/60R series rear tire enhances the muscular appeal of the Vulcan

- Radial tires enhance handling and give a firm, “planted” feel


- Dual 300mm front disc brakes with four-piston calipers and single rear disc brakes provide smooth, powerful stops

Additional Features

- Classic-style headlight

- “Buckhorn” style handlebar bend for increased rider comfort

- Thick passenger seat for great comfort

- Etched insignia on right side airbox cover

- Distinctive speedometer face

- Ignition key located on top of fuel tank


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