A Slice Of The Past 2

Well, here's a blast from the past. I mean seriously.... it's like ancient... almost anyway.

Class of 1999. Standard 1 Jujur. Awesome class.

Ok, my first time in missionary school. A rather smooth transition from a private institution I must say. My first friend I made was Leon Vong, a little kid who had a funny personality and a strange looking bottle of green liquid which I found out much later was actually chlorophyll. And the teacher on the left is Mrs. Francis and to the right is our headmaster (thanks for pointing that out Ruben) who's name I don't really recall.

Those were the times. When worries weren't even in our vocabulary yet. And friendship meant the world to all of us. In fact, many of them are still my friends until today. See if you can identify them. Though some are really close and some are not, when I look back at it, I actually can't help but wonder, we've been through thick and thin together. It's just awe-inspiring...

It was indeed fun back then. When we were naive and immature. But hey, that's all part and parcel of growing up. One day, we'll all look back and realize how silly we were back then. And understand why every moment was memorable.


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