A Slice Of The Past 1

I was going through some pictures and I came across this picture:

From left : Timothy, Me and Seng Hoo.

This shot was taken in 2007 during the drama 'Hercules' (if I'm not mistaken....my memory is getting extremely bad). Well, there was some slight significance with this shot as it was the only shot we had together. Now, Timothy is in Taiping and doing quite well. Seng Hoo also isn't that bad himself. As for me? Not much to say.

Hilariously, we're having a toast with carbonated drinks. Odd but I'm the oddball with a Pepsi. Those were the old days where we never really worry about anything. Those were the times when relationship and bonding was as easy as 1,2,3. However, time passes by at the speed of light and we walk our separate ways. It's quite sad that I no longer have time to spend with them and my personality has changed. I'm no longer the happy, cheerful person I was.

I hope one day I'd be able to change. From a battle-hardened, permanent grimace person, to the old Thomas. Yeah, that'll be just great I must say.


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