Well, my term as a scout has come to an end. It's time for the little one's to take over. Please little people, don't destroy the troop. But looking back, the main reason I still persevere as a scout is not because of achievements, not because of the fun (only) and definitely not because of the hot chicks. (yeah....our counter-parts are quite cute).

But one person has made me go on time and time again. He may not be a cup of sunshine but he is a person who gives me a sense of hope that at least my purpose as a scout is not in vain. I've seen great determination in him. No matter how bad the situations gets, he'll always pull through. It doesn't really matter if he's better than me by a whole margin. He's an outgoing person and I'm more of an office worker.

So thank you Kenny, for making my life great. Keep up the good work. Like I always say, no matter what happens, you'll always be my brother.

Yeah, we're scouts.....

An informal shot....


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