Memories Of A Prefect

My term as a prefect has come to an end. And I'm glad to say, my term was indeed a roller coaster ride. Term 2008/2009 has opened up a whole new chapter in my life. I've placed myself in the shoes of a student leader. I've fought alongside my comrades whom I will never forget, their courage and determination, coupled with perseverance to ensure succession. It's the heroes I serve alongside with that make my term in the Michaelian Prefectorial Board, a chapter I would love to return to if given the chance.

Though I leave with a heavy heart, it is time to hand over the helm to the incoming board. Hey, you can't always stay up top forever. There are experiences I find hard to place in words. So, I've compiled the largest photo collection on my blog for your perusal. To all Michaelian prefects especially from term 2008/2009, this post is for you. It has indeed been an honour, serving with you all.

Take care and all the best in future undertakings. Godspeed.

"It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.
" - Theodore Roosevelt -

Till' next time,



Michaelian Prefectorial Board Term 2008/2009. Overall division.

Michaelian Prefectorial Board Term 2008/2009. Senior division

Meet the LTC 2008 family. You guys rock......

The best portrait shot I have as a prefect. Great camera skills.

This has got to be my second pick. I'm not trying to brag but actually trying to recapture vague memories of the past.

Our undisputed leader, Benjamin. Over-spirited......

Inter-Society Understanding Commission 08/09. Best commission ever!!!

Inter-Society Understanding Commission 08/09. Informal pose.

Sharing a light moment. Hilarious.....

This will go down in history, as the greatest team of heroes in the history of our nation.

Circle of Friendship. XD!

Wai Keong, Kisor and I. Extraordinary gentlemen with extraordinary contrast.

Wai Keong, Kisor, RJ Kevin (Form Rep.) and I. Keong Keong likes paper airplanes. Future aeronautics engineer.

My awesome junior and I.

Benjamin and I. Bros 4 Life!

Secretary/Comm. Advisor Leroy Wong and I. A great friend and brother.

Su Yenn, Lady Head Prefect. Guess, is she really as tall as me?

Me and Treasurer Yoshita. Also, guess if she is as tall as me.

Kisor (My Partner), Me and Ruben (Former Form Rep.)

Friends 4 Life!

Lingesh Rao (new comm. head), Kisor (my partner in crime) and yours truly.

Me and Shileena. A great friend I must say. Don't feel tension yeah.

No one told you prefects were footballers?

From left: Me, Calvyn, Joshua, Nicholas.

Whitewashed.....Except Joshua......

Calvyn and I. Buddies for 10 years.

Fareesh. The new Form Rep acting not so Form

Issue punishement. You should've seen his reaction after this shot was taken.

LTC 08 memory. Benjamin trying to be Mr. Martin Jalleh.

Me and my little sister, Mian Mian. LTC 2008.

Teluk Batik Resort. Our housing for the duration of the course.

The apartments we stayed in.

A great and cooling environment....

Lone prefect.....

Prefects at a conference? LTC more likely....

Our teacher advisors. Mr. Velu and Pn. Thevanei. Don't look sad guys....

Wanted.....RM100K reward. XD!!!

Mr. Eric Bryan. Our facilitator. Love the smile though.

Prefects listening attentively to Mr. Eric Bryan.

Mr. Eric Bryan seen here pulling an invisible string. XD!

Practicing a routine known only as, "Ram-Sam-Sam"


What are they looking at?

Reflection period by the pool. Serene and calm...

Prefect in writing mode.... Affirmation letters....

Lights, Camera, Action. Sketch Time....

More acting.....True to life actors......

Head prefect reprimanding subordinates.

Broadway style moves....Touche...

Mr. Martin Jalleh. An awesome facilitator.

Revolutionizing the way to use a laptop? Priceless......

The wall of names. Confirmation for prefects.



Performing the anti-gravity lean. XD!

Entanglement.....Now this is just problematic.....

Mr. Velu in maiden speech mode.....

A lighter moment in life. Form Rep. getting gangbanged.

One can't help but wonder. Is this individual sleeping or text messaging?

Somebody call 911, shawty fire burning on the dance floor.....OH...OHHH....

Look, a human star......XD!

My little sister and her spongebob....XD!!

They just want to be cool....Seriously cool.....

Cooling off by the seaside...Literally...XD!

Task at hand...Building a wall of sand.

Success, the wall lives. Note: It's the long brown lump of sand.

They are wondering why waves are formed. Hmmm...Educational.

Deputy Lady Head having a sprint in the sand. More like a quarter mile drag. Shocking......

Posing for photographs.....

Ain't it great to see a group of happy prefects?

The group on the left looks like their going to maul the little guy in white. XD!

Jia Ee showing off his cool. Joseph capturing every moment. And the girls?...Smiling =_="

On the beach....Warm sand but no cup of juice with a little umbrella in it. Damn!

Yes, they love the beach, yes they do.

Look at the beautiful seaside. The start of a great holiday. I mean...erm....Learning experience.

Prefects on the beach.....

Ahh.... Coffee..... PANAS!!!

Yes, the Michaelian Prefectorial Board has their own choir.....

In a typical Malaysian setting, an accident probably happened. Way to go prefects.

Prefects just want to have fun.......

It's nearing sunset. The setting is just right for one last splash.

Silhouette shots.

Chilling in the water. Photo opportunity.

Brother Matthew's amazing photography skills.

This is the best scenery shot taken so far. Credits to Bro. Matthew.

New found friend.......

The Dreamer....

I.S.U.C all together for one last shot.

Janice and I during farewell. Friends 4 Life!

Rachel Koh and I. Her million dollar smile is indeed evident. Isn't she just beautiful.

RJ and I. Brothers in the hood yall'

Me: Eh? My PDA hanged. What the heck?
Nahulan : Phone illiterate.....XD!

I.S.U.C and S.A.C in tug of war competition

The opposition. They too look formidable.

PULL! PULL like you're paid for it.

Yours truly just messing around with a fedora.

One on one on the dance floor. XD!

Don't ask me what this is....I myself have no idea.

Jia Kai versus Calvyn. (photo credits to Calvyn)

Photo credits to, Brother Matthew, Calvyn and Pavin.


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