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Insanity? HELL YEAH!!!!

Bugatti Veryron reigns supreme? Not anymore it doesn't. Maker of psycho fast cars, CATERHAM has decided to push the envelope of speed with a new breed of land speeders. The famous Caterham R500 and it's ability to burn tarmac from 0-120 kmh in flat 3 seconds. But get ready to say 'old school' cause that feat looks amateurish compared to what Caterham has in store for us. Some say, they built this in the devils image. Others say that if the world were flat, this machine would make it round. There are some who even say that the designers all killed themselves bringing it to life. But I say, let the pictures tell you the story. Behold,

The Caterham Levante V8. Titanium pipe dreams in sorts..

When Caterham unveiled the first prototype, people gasped. It looks nothing more than a track car. But do not be fooled by it's subtle outlook, this vehicle can churn a typhoon when the conditions are right. It's made from years of design and materials of the highest quality. And the best part, it's as exclusive as it gets. Just eight of these incredible cars will be built by RS Performance (drafted company) with the full blessing of Caterham. Yeah, with a project this big, you're going to need backup.

The fast-beating heart of the car is a supercharged version of RS Performance founder Russell Savory’s 2.4-litre aluminium V8, which weighs just 90kg. The chassis is based on a Caterham SV (hence why it looks slightly, yet almost indefinably bigger than Caterhams usually do) and, although the spaceframe has been re-engineered by Arch, that means there’s still a de Dion rear end, albeit with Nitron 3 adjustable dampers all round. In layman terms, the only way you're going to loose control of this beast is if you slept behind the wheel or you're stoned drunk. Speed, (and I mean the land speed record type) in the context of safety and control, is negligible. Now that's the way I like to roll....

In it's matt black and carbon fiber form, this mean machine looks like a rocket with scary steel pipes sticking out the side. And it reserves bragging rights for that. Take a toddler near the car and never again will you see a cute little Charlie. You get a Damian instead. It just has this power to possess anyone in the same block as this monster. However, the inner sanctum of this beast is still under wraps. Well, part of it anyway.

But some information has been released to the press:


Caterham announces official performance arm:
powerhouse V8 engine delivers 1,000 plus bhp-per-tonne

For those wanting an expression of British sportscar exclusivity, Caterham Cars has joined forces with RS Performance to offer the ultimate in bespoke Seven coachbuilding.

Caterham has long been the epitome of personalised motoring with almost every version of the 12,000 Sevens on the road differing from one another. The joint venture takes that famous philosophy to an altogether new level.

RS Performance is an exclusive, niche engineering house. Born out of the passion and pedigree of its founder, Russell Savory, it will offer an 'everything is possible' service to Caterham customers wanting cars truly 'built to order'.

Using the motorsport-honed Caterham chassis and benchmark technology as a cosmetic and engineering base, RS Performance, will "turn imagination into reality," says Savory.

The heartbeat of every RS-monikered Seven will be the unique RST-V8 engine.

With more than 16 years of development behind it by Russell Savory, the 40-valve, 2.4 litre engine reliably delivers an incredible 400bhp in normally aspirated mode, or over 500bhp as a supercharged varient, whilst weighing only 90kg in full running gear.

The unbridled lightness of the RST-V8 matched to the already featherweight Seven chassis delivers a power-to-weight ratio of over 1000bhp per tonne – more than double of a Bugatti Veyron.

This unique partnership will be open to customers looking for the ultimate in exclusivity, and carry a price tag to reflect the tailoring, detail and hand-built craftsmanship that will go into every RS-badged Caterham.

Validation of the engineering house's abilities comes in the form of the supercharged 'Levante'. This is the first Seven to rollout of RS Performance's Hertfordshire doors and which only seven more of this type will be available.

With a 12 week waiting time and costing over £115,000, this supercharged engineering masterpiece boasts a modern interpretation of the Seven's classic looks with a sophisticated electronics package with traction and launch control to help get the phenomenal power to the floor. Weight reduction runs throughout the car, from the carbon fibre interior finished with Kevlar seats down to the hosing used on the cooling systems

The RS Performance badge will sit alongside the established, and soon to be expanded, Ford powered Caterham Seven range.

"Caterham and Russell Savory have a long history, and this seemed a natural progression of that relationship and shared engineering philosophy," explained Ansar Ali, Caterham Cars managing director.

RS Performance RST-V8 Engine Technical Specification

90° V8

2.4 litre


Aluminium main frame with dry sump

Max Power
380 bhp @10,000rpm / 500+bhp @ 10,000rpm (supercharged)

Max Torque
190 lbsft @ 8500rpm / 300 lbsft@ 8500rpm (supercharged)


Overall length

Overall width



Service intervals
8000 miles (minor) / 30,000 miles (major service & belt change)

RS Performance 'Levante' Technical Specification

£115,000 (dependent on specification)

Caterham SV

2.4-litre, 40-valve RST-V8 supercharged

Max Power
500+bhp @ 10,000rpm

Max Torque
300 lbsft @ 8500rpm

Supercharge boost
0.8 psi

6-speed sequential, paddle shift option


0-60mph (claimed)
Less than 3 seconds

Top Speed
150mph (limited)


Overall length

Overall width


From 520kgs

de Dion rear, Nitron 3-way adjustable shocks all corners

Image Billet; front 8 x 15, rear 10 x 15

Avon CR500; front 195/45-15, rear 245/40-15

Hi Spec; front 280mm vented, rear 260mm.

Exhaust system
BTB 2 x 4-2-1 rear exit

Farringdon and SPA design

Driver aids
Traction Control, Launch Control

Two day driver training course provided on delivery of vehicle

Model shot......With a cool mood backing....

Clear view of the wind diffuser. Yes, it's the glassy piece. And the custom seats....

It looks like an atomic pile but mind you, it is close. That's the powerhouse for this speed demon. But it doesn't stop there.....

The insurmountable piping you see is the supercharger unit. Gives out 550bhp. Try to find a Malaysian mechanic to fix that.....XD!!!

The carbon fiber dash.....No paint or metal finish to cut down on weight....


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