Happy Independence Day

Heh! Heh! It's that time of year again....


I guess I might as well feel proud of my country (though I'm not much of a patriot) but hey, I'm actually impressed at the effort of our past leaders to achieve that goal. And we didn't go to war for it (added bonus). Reminder, independence was not achieved by one man but by many, of different backgrounds and of different races. So, if anyone says independence was achieved by one man, thump that idiot in the head. Thump him so hard that his head pops.

Yeah, freedom without war.

We have went through 52 years. Let's not screw it up with our constant bickering. Equality for all, unity among all and understanding between all. Otherwise, we might end up celebrating Independence Day like those chaps below.

Nuremberg Rally, Nazi Germany....XD!!


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