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To all Form 5's facing Trial SPM tomorrow, just want to wish you all,

Take care and God bless.

Happy Independence Day

Heh! Heh! It's that time of year again....


I guess I might as well feel proud of my country (though I'm not much of a patriot) but hey, I'm actually impressed at the effort of our past leaders to achieve that goal. And we didn't go to war for it (added bonus). Reminder, independence was not achieved by one man but by many, of different backgrounds and of different races. So, if anyone says independence was achieved by one man, thump that idiot in the head. Thump him so hard that his head pops.

Yeah, freedom without war.

We have went through 52 years. Let's not screw it up with our constant bickering. Equality for all, unity among all and understanding between all. Otherwise, we might end up celebrating Independence Day like those chaps below.

Nuremberg Rally, Nazi Germany....XD!!

Insanity? HELL YEAH!!!!

Bugatti Veryron reigns supreme? Not anymore it doesn't. Maker of psycho fast cars, CATERHAM has decided to push the envelope of speed with a new breed of land speeders. The famous Caterham R500 and it's ability to burn tarmac from 0-120 kmh in flat 3 seconds. But get ready to say 'old school' cause that feat looks amateurish compared to what Caterham has in store for us. Some say, they built this in the devils image. Others say that if the world were flat, this machine would make it round. There are some who even say that the designers all killed themselves bringing it to life. But I say, let the pictures tell you the story. Behold,

The CaterhamLevante V8. Titanium pipe dreams in sorts..

When Caterham unveiled the first prototype, people gasped. It looks nothing more than a track car. But do not be fooled by it's subtle outlook, this vehicle can churn a typhoon when the conditions are right. It's made from years of design and materials of the highest quality. And…

What I Want - Vulcan 2000 Classic

2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 "Custom". Ain't it a beauty?

Now, many of you already know that I'm a motor head. But my lust does not lie only in the American Muscles. Yes, it's true, I'm the kind of guy who goes fast. The kind that goes from 0-60 mph in a flat 2 seconds. Yes, the adrenaline and the sheer lunacy in doing something that crazy can make the more 'senior' generation wonder, "Are this young jackasses trying to kill themselves?" But they should take some time for them to realize that they were once teenagers and loved to go fast. It's a phase of life. But I don't intend to outgrow this phase just yet.

Now, it may seem a bit childish but I actually intended to get a motorcycle license so that I could get the thrill of riding in the wind. But sadly, my parents didn't allow that on the count that it was literally unsound. Good call though. I could end up as road kill. Well anyway, I'm already halfway through to getting my dr…

A Slice Of The Past 2

Well, here's a blast from the past. I mean seriously.... it's like ancient... almost anyway.

Class of 1999. Standard 1 Jujur. Awesome class.

Ok, my first time in missionary school. A rather smooth transition from a private institution I must say. My first friend I made was Leon Vong, a little kid who had a funny personality and a strange looking bottle of green liquid which I found out much later was actually chlorophyll. And the teacher on the left is Mrs. Francis and to the right is our headmaster (thanks for pointing that out Ruben) who's name I don't really recall.

Those were the times. When worries weren't even in our vocabulary yet. And friendship meant the world to all of us. In fact, many of them are still my friends until today. See if you can identify them. Though some are really close and some are not, when I look back at it, I actually can't help but wonder, we've been through thick and thin together. It's just awe-inspiring...

It was indeed fun…

Goodbye MELS

Time is up, and a year has passed. Well, it's been a smashing good time being a committee member of the Michaelian English Language Society. It was indeed an honour serving alongside my comrades. Well, a lot has happened over the past term though it was a roller coaster ride.
Well, a lot of good and bad things happened.

But our pinnacle has got to be the weekly newsletter. It's just so informative and humorous. A big round of applause to the columnists and editors, Hon Kit and Hon Wai. Well, my role as 'paper' boy (the person in charge of newspaper distribution) has come to an end and I'm sure going to miss it. Well, I hope my successor will be capable of handling the job.

Though the trip to Genting was cancelled due to the lack of rooms, as Michaelians, we'll never give up that easily. We'll always find a way through. Congratulations to the new committee of the term 08/09. May your term be an eventful one.

PS: I got a cool retirement present. A nice little Sh…

A Slice Of The Past 1

I was going through some pictures and I came across this picture:

From left : Timothy, Me and Seng Hoo.

This shot was taken in 2007 during the drama 'Hercules' (if I'm not memory is getting extremely bad). Well, there was some slight significance with this shot as it was the only shot we had together. Now, Timothy is in Taiping and doing quite well. Seng Hoo also isn't that bad himself. As for me? Not much to say.

Hilariously, we're having a toast with carbonated drinks. Odd but I'm the oddball with a Pepsi. Those were the old days where we never really worry about anything. Those were the times when relationship and bonding was as easy as 1,2,3. However, time passes by at the speed of light and we walk our separate ways. It's quite sad that I no longer have time to spend with them and my personality has changed. I'm no longer the happy, cheerful person I was.

I hope one day I'd be able to change. From a battle-hardened, permanent grima…

Memories Of A Prefect

My term as a prefect has come to an end. And I'm glad to say, my term was indeed a roller coaster ride. Term 2008/2009 has opened up a whole new chapter in my life. I've placed myself in the shoes of a student leader. I've fought alongside my comrades whom I will never forget, their courage and determination, coupled with perseverance to ensure succession. It's the heroes I serve alongside with that make my term in the Michaelian Prefectorial Board, a chapter I would love to return to if given the chance.

Though I leave with a heavy heart, it is time to hand over the helm to the incoming board. Hey, you can't always stay up top forever. There are experiences I find hard to place in words. So, I've compiled the largest photo collection on my blog for your perusal. To all Michaelian prefects especially from term 2008/2009, this post is for you. It has indeed been an honour, serving with you all.

Take care and all the best in future undertakings. Godspeed.