Just Another Day

Well, today is one of the co called most boring day ever. Yesterday, Mr. Ravindran called me to inform me about a Rakan Muda Usahawan Workshop which would be held today at the Kementerian Belia dan Sukan. It's about entrepreneurship and business management but I didn't know that until today. Well, lets see if I can equate it. Business+17 year olds = ZZZZZZ.

We arrived at around 8.30 after Mr. Rajan dropped us off. However, we forgot that Mr. Ravi had the entrance form so we had to wait a while before he arrived. No matter, we still managed to get a spot. I was elected team captain and we were able to witness and learn some new and interesting events.

First we had an icebreaker session. It's like a game called Boogey-Woogey (Michaelian prefects should know this). I managed to get a all the names to match the context except for a person who was born in May. How ironic. Later, all the group leaders were all combined into one team. And I got a big surprise. Lau Wai Wai, a former tuition buddy was also a group leader and representative of her school. What a coincidence. We had a great time catching up with times until my good buddies decided to ruin it by immediately declaring her my girlfriend. Is it wrong for a boy to speak to a girl?

It was a total shock but in a good way when we were informed that the best way to become a businessman is to play Monopoly. LOL! And I thought business was boring. Well, we started off with normal rules and I won with 10,710 dollars worth of property and cash reserves. I'm a born businessman...until I bankrupted in round 2 known as the 'Lightning Round'. Heh! Heh! Awkward.

And the rest of the day was filled with food and listening to a guy talking about how to become an entrepreneur until it ended at 4.30pm. Well, overall, it turned out to be quite a good day.

From left : Me, Calvyn, Joshua and Nicholas

Let's get whitewashed...

Me and Wai Wai. Good times...Good times....

So, we're paid to play this?


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