HELP Institute Law Olympiad 2009

That's right.....We won.

11th July 2009

Law Olympiad 2009 organized by HELP University College, KL is here again. This competition is hosted once every 2 years. And for the 2nd year in a row, St. Michael's (Team B) emerged as champions. Seriously. No sweat.... (suddenly in the LCLY phase)

Representing St. Michael's Institution was:
Team A - James Foong, Mark Siew, Noel Mano, Kar Fu and Frederick Peirera.
Team B - Nakhieeran, Me, Dahien, Joel Lee and Yugaraj.
Team C - (independents)
Team D - (independents)

Well, the competition was divided into 5 stages which require immense brain power. The first game provides 3 situations of crime in which we have to deliberate who the culprits are and their roles. Quite fun. Next was general knowledge questions. Majority of the questions were quite reasonable as it was well within our understanding.

Third game was what's your verdict. We were given two cases and had to decide whether the person was guilty or innocent and reason why. Most reasonable explanation wins maximum points. Fourth was my personal favourite. Best plea and alibi. Word limit was between 70-100 words. I wrote 425 words. What? It's just so fun with so many ways to build a case.

Finally, a game called reason-able. In debate terms, it's called brain-storming. And how convenient, we're all debaters'. LOL! We were indeed happy when we were declared the winners. But when asked how many of us wanted to become lawyers by the organizers, the irony was that none of us wanted to be lawyers. While others have always dreamed of being a lawyer.

Well, all in all, it was quite an eventful day. We won, got free food and well, at least I got a free file to keep my work and solution papers. YAY! ORGANIZE!!!!
(trust me: My files are overloaded)

Ain't gold but it is heavy. Good paperweight.

And I also managed to get some lighter side photos.

Me and Jane. Check out my medal. (gloat mode)

Anderson School. Battle of the 'lawyers'.

Discrimination against cars. Heh! Heh!


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