A Day In UTAR.

The reason we are here.

Friday, July 11th, 2009

Today, Curtin University from Sarawak came to present a workshop for a 'few' lucky students. I learned how to drop an egg from a high up place without breaking it. And I mean from the 2nd floor of our school. Well, we failed the task at first anyway but succeeded eventually. At about 11.45pm, we prepared to board a bus for our epic journey to UTAR, Kampar.

On the bus, it was relatively noisy as usual. Some opt to play around but some opted for a catnap. About 1 hour later, we arrived and God was the sight spectacular. A well landscaped institution of higher learning greeted us some time later and we were there for the annual Festival of the Mind.

as shown by Joshua....

When we got there, as true to Michaelian tradition, we agreed to find food as it was already lunch time. Ahh... A signboard which read cafeteria. I think we should follow it. We got a bit misled by the 'wonderful' signboards placed to aid us. Thanks a lot. But eventually, we managed to find our way out of the building. So, the walk to the cafeteria begins.
Word of advice : "Distance between cafeteria and main building is very great"
Along the way, we managed to see a few items we don't really see everyday. For example:

A sign depicting that Malaysians care. But wouldn't it be better in a country with more bicyclists?

WTF??? Bikes? In Malaysia? Heaven be praised!!!!

Soon, we arrived to the cafeteria. And my,my, a well landscaped cafeteria it is. With a well facilitated design, it's no surprise why the students like it. Don't believe me?

A cafeteria overlooking the lake.

Yes, the patrons like it a lot. Yes they do.

A calm and serene lake. A good place to think or DIE!!!

You even get a lake view from your classes as shown by the building in the background.

Anyway, after food, we headed back to the main building for the event where I got a pleasant surprise. Jia Yee and Cynthia were studying here and we coincidentally bumped into one another. What a pleasant reunion. It seems they were here for the event too. Well anyway, we got each others contact details and proceeded to the hall.

Before it began, Janice and I managed to get a few pictures. Well, it's just for fun to past time....

Me and Janice.......

Ahhh.... The theory is proven. Janice looks angrier from side view.

Some of the people paying 'full' attention.

During the talk, the professor provided us with extremely basic materials to test our mind power. They include a satay stick, two short straws, a rubber band and a lump of plastacine. Creativity is of the essence and I managed to build something out of it in just 5 minutes.
It's called the liquid suction,object picking and filtration device. Well, it's a prototype anyway. Patent pending my friend.

The device of a million purposes but I'd summarize it with the term: multi-purpose straw.

Well, after the talk, we headed to an exhibition and it was time to go. We left at 4.45pm homeward bound. But before we leave, just a final picture in case we don't come back.


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