Battle of the Bands.

In the middle of a performance, MMB stands with uber-ness.

Right, if I said pigs could fly, I would most probably be lying. But if I said the Michaelian Military Band was one of the best bands ever and you said I was lying, I would bust that stupid excuse of a nose you have. Seriously. It's that time of year. MMB is going to make a comeback and this time with a vengeance.

The line up of schools seem a bit formidable at first but after seeing the amount of hard work and effort placed in by MMB, it's no surprise they made it to the finals. So to all Michaelians, past and present, show your spirit and support our band during the finals.

Date : 24th July 2009 (Friday)
Venue : Perak Stadium (The Football One)
Time : 7pm (please come earlier)

MMB with their victory 2006


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