Sleeping Beauty In Ipoh?

Unique and one of a kind. That's all I could think of to represent it. First things first. I'm not gay. Secondly, I don't dance. So you're probably wondering what am I doing there. I had the answer when I first planned to go for this one of a kind performance. But now, I'm just not sure why I actually went in the first place. Not that I'm saying that it's bad or anything.

I'm was extremely impressed with the ability and capability of the people who have placed in all their time and effort into making it a success. I'm particularly impressed with the younger performers who looked absolutely adorable. And their sheer ability to amaze the masses can be called 'awe-inspiring'. Ok, that aside, I'm also impressed with the choreographers from MGS and Dance Center and also the others who have made it a mind blowing performance.

Well, had a lot to say but I kind of lost what I wanted to say so never mind. I was duly impressed by the fact that there were Michaelians present in the play. I mean seriously, they were part of the act. So who says a boy can't dance. I was touched by the sheer detail placed into it's choreography and execution of the entire performance.

At the end of the show, I had no idea why I decided to stay back until so late. I had to say something to a friend of mine but I got cold feet. Quite uncommon as it's not really like me to get cold feet. Well, it's for the best anyway. Just congratulated my Michaelian comrades for a job well done. The next day was Starwalk and I had to be primed and ready to go.

In conclusion,. I believe that it's uniqueness stands in a class of its own but it might be a bit too recent for Ipoh to truly accept. But it is a big leap for Ipoh folk to accept. So kudos once again to all those involved in making it a success.

Part of the cast.


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