Of Chocolate Cake and Rendang Ayam

Isn't this cake just lovely?

Heh! Heh! Today is the first anniversary of my handphone. My little baby is already a year old. Well, my mum baked a nice little chocolate cake to commemorate it. Thanks mum. Love you.

Lets see, about my phone, it's a Sony Ericsson W910i. I call it Thomalocity. It's indeed a lovely phone but after 1 year of wear and tear, it's starting to show some battle scars. A true veteran with the ability to lag when you most need it. (joking, it's actually extremely reliable) It has been a great communicating tool and my portable music library. And to what extent do I like this phone?

Conversation between me and my dad :

Dad : Eh, the new iPhone is out. Seems maxis is promoting it.

Me : So? It's just a phone.

Dad : I heard it has a touch screen. Convenient eh?

Me : Sort of... Why?

Dad : Thought that when you go to college, I'll get you one. The later generations will be better.

Me : That'll be later, dad. Thanks. But I love my phone the way it is.

*my dad asked if I wanted an iPhone this year but I declined.

Thank you, Thomalocity. You've indeed been there whenever I need you.

Yeah, it still got its colour and looks. And a new Daughtry song to prove it's age.


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