A Great Sunday

Woke up at around 8.45am today. Today was going to be a great day for me, my mum and my bro. A day we'd be catching the much awaited for Transformers Sequel : Revenge Of The Fallen. Oh, how great the anticipation was. Getting dressed in my favourite pair of jeans and my red snails outfitters shirt, we went to the nearby coffee shop to grab some wan ton mee...the best of it's kind for breakfast.

When we reached, my brothers friend Hanaffey was already sitting there. Well, it's good to see some young people going. But Paul Pah was slightly embarrassing. He wore a Adam Lambert T-shirt he made himself.(check out Kenny's blog for details). It was most shocking to see that all the show times were already booked. Man, it was jam. No matter, we had booked tickets. LOL! Thanks Paul. I met about 40 friends in there. How convenient. So many friends in the same theatre.

After the movie, we had to inch our way to the restroom. Jam packed as usual. After 15 minutes of waiting....almost 'terkencing' in my pants, it's time to hunt for food. And a funny thing happened. Walked by a prefect friend of mine. Yap Yian Yian. So, as courtesy calls, a smile and wave would do. Then, the young one's blew it.


Paul Pah : Eh, who's that la?

Kenny : Your girlfriend ar?

Me : No la. Friend from school la.

Hanaffey : Sure ar?

Me : Sure, why?

Kai Xiong : Because she has braces?

Me : WTH????

*So if a girl has braces means she's my girlfriend? *terpengsan* ello....she's my schoolmate la macas.

Well, we decided to have lunch at McDonalds. Got some person came and asked us to donate to charity. I'm broke, sorry. But I've donated to 1000 over charities already so thank you. Later, I went for Accounts tuition. Great day I must say.

Overall, the movie was awesome though a bit predictable. However, two thumbs up for the awesome animation and action sequences. The humour is getting a bit sour though.


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