Good Times.....Good Times.......

Yesterday, Aaron (The Happy One), Ket En (Cation), Ai Yean (The Funny One), Koy Yew (The King Scout) and I went to MP to have an AWESOME!!!! steamboat dinner. Heh! Heh! How awkward, I was the last on to arrive. No matter, I've got 2 excuses:

1) I've just finished BM tuition
2) I'm Malaysian. Fashionably late.

Still, I had some things to clarify due to my awesome banana-ness. Maybe everyone thinks I don't know much about steamboat or much about chinese tea. But just a simple reminder, I know more than you think. LOL! First agenda, soup of choice. I'm still puzzeled about porridge soup. Isn't porridge suppose to be a dish on its own? Can it actually be mixed? Nevermind, with that settled, the next agenda was called to order. Food collection.

Being reconnaissance people, the three boys went looking for food like big mice. Main course recovered. Meat, seafood and whatever that can be collected. The ladies decided to hunt for smaller items like sushi and tempura. Kenyang-lah tu. T_T. Well, then the most important thing to do. COOK IT!!! But then, Aaron realized something. Mana sayur? Adoink!!!! Ok, so after acquiring the 'green' stuff, cooking commenced.

Koy Yew and Ket En remained as quiet as mice. Ai Yean is Ai usual. And Aaron talked about 'important' things while I talked about anything that came into my mind though precisely 69% of them made no sense. Well, after a jolly makan time, second round is no harm. I became the tea boy who had a compulsive habit to refill the tea cups every 15 minutes. Ahem, continuing to the makan part. Second round....oh nevermind.
To simplify things, the procedure goes, boil-makan-boil-makan-restock-boil-makan.

While allowing digestion and preventing indigestion, a 'discussion' period was allowed. Heh! Heh! Got a lot of great stories. Sadly only me and Aaron were talking. How awkward. But no matter, that's the way a-ha, a-ha, I like it. Well, a hilarious thing that happened was when everyone wanted to eat the ice-cream. The girls demonstrated their ingenious-ness by walking all the way to the other end of the room to get some ice cream when there is ice cream just 5 steps away from the table. What a joke..... (no offense girls)

In conclusion, it was indeed a great dinner. Very memorable. Oh and thanks for the bookmark Aaron.

PS: I'll upload more pictures when I get them.



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