A Trip To Penang

Came back form a trip to Penang recently. What a nice place to go to. There is a reason Penang is called Food Central. No, don’t go for the seafood because the only thing it does is burn a hole in your wallet. Aim for the hawker food. You can stuff yourself until damnation if you want. (just a bit exaggerated) Well, then there is shopping. I got myself a Diesel Belt. But if you’re aiming to buy a lot of things, avoid heading to Gurney Plaza because you’ll probably have to pay through your nose. Instead, head to Batu Ferringhi. The Westerners love to shop there as well as the locals. And the items sold there may be imitation goods but who knows, you might actually stumble onto the real thing. Not only that, they actually look original. Not bad workmanship. Well, don’t wish to talk a lot so here are some pictures.

The view from a ferry…..Note cruise liner to the right and Russian submarine underwater. Ooopss…

You wanna kill my brother? Well you’ll have to kill me first. Damn ye cheap Scottish blaggards.

Isn’t the view just breathtaking?

Interesting. They do honour him.

Gurney Plaza. Acres and acres of overpriced merchandise.

Stay at this hotel. Just on Penang Road and where food is limitless.

note: Thank you Kenny for being the photographer. Yes he took most of the shots FOOLS!!!


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