Rotary Club Debate 2009

Heh! Heh! Enter Doctor T as I used to say many years ago. Didn't actually believed I could put it to work. 2nd April 2009 proved to be one of the best yet one of the darkest days I've actually seen. The day we actually prove ourselves as True Michaelian Debaters. The speakers are:

1st - Nakhieeran s/o Nallasamy (Ze Philosopher of Relativity)
2nd - James William Foong (Ze Fact Loaded Genius)
3rd - Thomas Liew (Ze Dude With Nothing Better To Say)

Reserve - Ch'ng Eng Sien (Ze Man Packing The Brains)

So, we arrived at the venue, the great SMK St. Michael (ehem, I'm patriotic about my school) at about 6.40 pm. Quarantine started at around 7.00pm. We were armed with nothing more than a dictionary. And the motion was indeed puzzling.

"Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be Is Good Advice"

So, we spent about 1 hour discussing and planning our speeches. thank God we had Eng Sien with us. His brains are indeed indispensable. Nakhieeran, the man who has the most organized speech and James, the man who isn't afraid of what he believes in.

At 8.00pm the debate started. It was an impressive start by Nakhieeran. With the accent of a Japanese robot, he captured the crowd with his overly-systematic speech posing and strengthening points.

Later, James started his speech by rebutting everything the opposition speaker had just stated and later, brought out his point and strengthen it along with Nakhieeran's previous point.

Finally, it was my time to shine.
I started the debate with an eye catching quote. Heh! Heh! Well, after rebutting every argument brought up by the opposition, I ended it with my most gut wrenching quote yet. Thank you Kanye.

And the reply speech was awesome. Opening quote, "They may look confusing, they may sound confusing. But do not be fooled ladies and gentlemen, they are confusing."

Well, overall, it was indeed eventful. Oh, I forgot. We lost anyway......LOL! But ask anyone in school or even spectators from abroad, they'll tell you who is the champion.

Oh, and we decided to celebrate by going over to 'Old Town Kopitiam' to grab some coffee. Damn bars who don't accept minors. Damn the legal 18 year old limit. Still, there's a way to drown your sorrows with some dark, black coffee. LOL! But we were in for a surprise the following day which I will explain in a later post.

Thank you Mr. Louis for teaching me the value of tradition.

Mr. Waran and Mr. Rajan, your help has indeed been priceless. And thanks for the memories and the great laughs.

Debaters hard at work.

After the debate, we just hang loose.


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