Main Convent Gathering 2009

We are the champions!!! Sooo......

18th April 2009. I've held my breath for a while. But soon, I realized that there is nothing to worry. Because if we've conquered this side of earth, we sure as hell can conquer the other end.

Main Convent Gathering was indeed an eventful event. I got to meet up with so many friends there. Both boys and (ahem! ahem!) girls alike (don't get the wrong impression here). Well, we had the honour of actually walking over to their school......because our troop is so strong and all. When we arrived there, the events immediately kicked into high gear.
Competitions include :
Best Marching Team
Best Commander
Best Cooking
Best Sketch
Best Singing
Best Banner
Best Scarf
Best Advertisement
Iron Scout
Iron Guide
Signature Hunt
Most Disciplined
Most Supportive
Overall Champion

So, with the majority of the awards belongin to 02 Kinta, invincibility is proven. LOL!
Thank you 4th Unit Rangers for the great gathering. It was filled with fun memories, great memories and on....
Thank you 02 Kinta for being ultimate.

"Be Prepared"
oh wait, we are prepared. LOL!

Lets party!!!!

Best advertisement trophy. Won by Heng Jian and I.

Ok, lets give it some shine people.


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