HELP Institute Debate Training

3rd April 2009 was indeed an eventful day for me and the St. Michael's Debate Club. As stated in my earlier post, after loosing the Rotary Debate we went to the nearby kopitiam to drown our sorrows. But we forgot one important thing, the HELP Institute Debate Training was tomorrow and we were due at the train station at 4.00am. I repeat..."AM!!!"

After packing my luggage, I decide to hit the hay only to be get up about an hour later. Grabbing some like grub, my brother and I made our way to the station and arrived at sharp 4am. Nakhieeran and Dahien were already waiting there and soon, almost the entire team started turning up. Mr Rajan arrived along with Mr. Waran and soon we were all ready to roll except for one problem. Noel was MIA who finally arrived just before the train departed.

So we're all on our merry way....well almost all of us. I couldn't get an inch of shuteye as Mr. Waran found out that pulling my earphones and my hair was a fun sport. LOL! Thank God I don't have a vacuum cleaner.

So, upon arrival at KL Central, we headed to the best place for any traveler to have breakfast, McDonalds!!!!! Well, much to our teacher advisers dismay (probably thinking,"students nowadays stuff their food with junk....that's why they get heart attacks) However, Mr. Rajan had to run some errands and eventually, Mr. Waran was left with us. (he ordered the biggest McValue meal there) And I lost half my apple pie because he still wasn't full. Talk about loosing weight.....but in his opinion, he's thin. LOL!

Later, we checked into our hotel. It was supposed to be the Hilton Hotel but due to unforseen circumstances, we ended up in YMCA! Who cares, we get to be the Village People (to those who don't know who the Village People are, they are the singers of the song YMCA!) SO, we've got one whole day to kill. Excellent! We first went to a book fair, then we had lunch in Mid-Valley Megamall. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! It was an awesome time. Fun all the way. But Nakhieeran and I turned out to be more of babysitters than tourists. Well, at least Mr. Rajan got some cool ties. LOL!

Then, we kinda headed back to KL Central but not before we got a taste of KL. Rush hour at the train station. We had to wait for 3 trains before we could board. It was like being at a refugee camp. Finally, we got to KL Central and had dinner at 9.30pm. And even dinner can't be enjoyed in peace without the two most hilarious teachers on Earth. There were wisecracks and hilarious jokes which tickled us to the bone. Though we are no longer welcomed at that food outlet but was fun, while it lasted.

We turned in for the night and the next day, the work began. We took 3 cabs to Help Institution. Sadly, my cab took me and my team to the Hewlett-Packard Tower instead. Talk about misinterpretation. Well, we eventually got there and we were given a demonstration debate. In my opinion, I've never seen anything so bull-shitted in my life. It was not a debate but in fact an argument filled with personal attacks and bush beating.

The debate training was indeed awe-inspiring though. Mr. Abdul Latiff was indeed "The Man". Filled with wisdom and words is he. It ended at about 3pm or so. So, we went to collect our luggage and bought rations for the long trip home by train. We boarded at 5.30pm and a lot of us slept throughout the ride. But I spent quite a while chatting with Mr. Waran. Eventually, we arrived at 9.30pm. Home sweet Ipoh. It was indeed a memorable trip.

Junior Debaters and Senior Debaters with Mr. Rajan

Me and James at KL Central


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