The Final Blow

Barely two days after our head boys resignation, our secretary resigned. He made us think, he let us know what the situation is and he was forcefully silenced. And the prefects are referred to as "nobody" and "ordinary students". A year ago, we were in a class above the rest. We are student leaders but we're treated like slaves and servants.

The enemy is not within our board but lies outside. They stand there in the shade while we bake in the sun to maintain order. When things go right, they get the praise but when things go wrong, we get the shit. We serve the school, our Alma Mater. It's time they realized that. We don't work for them. Compare them to the school, they are nothing.

It's time my brothers and sisters. Let our presence be known to all. Let them know why we are better than them in every way possible. Let their sins be dealt with and may their cries be drowned by our might. Let them know, they are NOTHING!!! Let us unite instead of resigning. Let us restore the glory. Our leaders are counting on us.

If the enemy wants war, we'll give them a war they'll never forget.


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