The Darkest Hour

Ok, I can't deny the fact that our board is facing some hard times. The system is definitely screwed beyond recognition with no option of healing. Why? Because everyone talks but no one listens. Are we that insignificant that we mean nothing? Are we just puppets who obey orders without question?

13 April 2009 marked the darkest day in the history of St. Michael's Prefectorial Board. For the first time in 97 years, the most important man actually stepped down from a post many have dreamed of achieving. His sacrifice was the greatest ever. But the theory of it was indeed the best ever.

"Why defend something you don't even believe in"

Yes, it is true. We hide behind this lie for so long. We put pride before fall. I mean, I'm ashamed that it took 97 years to realise that. We stand there proud in are uniforms bearing the badge of authority only to be called puppets. It's true. We are puppets. But are we going to remain puppets? In my opinion....NO WE ARE NOT!!!

We have the brains of a human. Leaders? Us? Sweet talk can go a long way. So what? LTC 2008 to train up leaders? Why are we so blind?

Our leader took the greatest sacrifice. He took a fall to make things right. He knows just as well as we know that we are defending a sinking ship. He had a vision which would bring the school to it's ultimate pinnacle. But he only got stepped on by the so called "high rankers". Mind you, they're just as human as you and I.

I speak with the utmost confidence to defend our rights, our stand and our existance. But I'm deeply saddened that I made myself look like a fool. Support from many? Words of compliments sound funny. Defend our stand? Who would? Nobody wants to loose that "name and badge". What's the value of it? We pride ourselves as prefects or more likely, puppets.

So, what do we do? Stick as a team and go down with the ship. Or do we "STAMP A CHANGE?"

A wise man once told me,"either you fight for something or die for nothing" "if the highest order questions your right, you chop them down"

We are student leaders, it is time we started acting like one. Before it's too late.

PS: I'm ashamed that many of us defended the greater enemy. Our leader took a great fall and we stood there dumbfounded and watched him leave. Some student leaders we are.


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