Choral Speaking 2009

This years choral speaking competition was indeed a great one. Form 2's are better than I imagined. This year, Tihn Chern and I got enlisted to supervise and coach the new batch of choral speakers. First things first, when I got to know them, the first impression I got was "DAMN!!!"

They were a bunch of kids who were hyperactive and had no sense of order or respect for anyone older than them. Well, at least this was my initial perception of these small guns. But as I got to know them better, they are just young boys who just wanted to have fun. And we as instructors seemed a bit determined on winning.

But from it, I learned a very valuable lesson. Phases in life occur in everyone. Weren't we all cheerful and care-free when we were much younger? Seems like we get caught in the wave of advancement that we forget about the little things in life.

Well, the results for the competition? We lost.....5th out 6 schools.

Well, but I'm indeed happy. We beat Anderson and although we lost to all the girls schools, to me, it was the greatest show ever played.

Michaelian Choral Speaking Team

Awaiting the battle.

Ze Coach. Mr. Tan Tihn Chern.


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