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Main Convent Gathering 2009

We are the champions!!! Sooo......

18th April 2009. I've held my breath for a while. But soon, I realized that there is nothing to worry. Because if we've conquered this side of earth, we sure as hell can conquer the other end.

Main Convent Gathering was indeed an eventful event. I got to meet up with so many friends there. Both boys and (ahem! ahem!) girls alike (don't get the wrong impression here). Well, we had the honour of actually walking over to their school......because our troop is so strong and all. When we arrived there, the events immediately kicked into high gear.
Competitions include :
Best Marching Team
Best Commander
Best Cooking
Best Sketch
Best Singing
Best Banner
Best Scarf
Best Advertisement
Iron Scout
Iron Guide
Signature Hunt
Most Disciplined
Most Supportive
Overall Champion

So, with the majority of the awards belongin to 02 Kinta, invincibility is proven. LOL!
Thank you 4th Unit Rangers for the great gathering. It was filled with fun memories, great memories and erm..…

The Final Blow

Barely two days after our head boys resignation, our secretary resigned. He made us think, he let us know what the situation is and he was forcefully silenced. And the prefects are referred to as "nobody" and "ordinary students". A year ago, we were in a class above the rest. We are student leaders but we're treated like slaves and servants.

The enemy is not within our board but lies outside. They stand there in the shade while we bake in the sun to maintain order. When things go right, they get the praise but when things go wrong, we get the shit. We serve the school, our Alma Mater. It's time they realized that. We don't work for them. Compare them to the school, they are nothing.

It's time my brothers and sisters. Let our presence be known to all. Let them know why we are better than them in every way possible. Let their sins be dealt with and may their cries be drowned by our might. Let them know, they are NOTHING!!! Let us unite instead of resi…

HELP Institute Debate Training

3rd April 2009 was indeed an eventful day for me and the St. Michael's Debate Club. As stated in my earlier post, after loosing the Rotary Debate we went to the nearby kopitiam to drown our sorrows. But we forgot one important thing, the HELP Institute Debate Training was tomorrow and we were due at the train station at 4.00am. I repeat..."AM!!!"

After packing my luggage, I decide to hit the hay only to be get up about an hour later. Grabbing some like grub, my brother and I made our way to the station and arrived at sharp 4am. Nakhieeran and Dahien were already waiting there and soon, almost the entire team started turning up. Mr Rajan arrived along with Mr. Waran and soon we were all ready to roll except for one problem. Noel was MIA who finally arrived just before the train departed.

So we're all on our merry way....well almost all of us. I couldn't get an inch of shuteye as Mr. Waran found out that pulling my earphones and my hair was a fun sport. LOL! Thank Go…

The Darkest Hour

Ok, I can't deny the fact that our board is facing some hard times. The system is definitely screwed beyond recognition with no option of healing. Why? Because everyone talks but no one listens. Are we that insignificant that we mean nothing? Are we just puppets who obey orders without question?

13 April 2009 marked the darkest day in the history of St. Michael's Prefectorial Board. For the first time in 97 years, the most important man actually stepped down from a post many have dreamed of achieving. His sacrifice was the greatest ever. But the theory of it was indeed the best ever.

"Why defend something you don't even believe in"

Yes, it is true. We hide behind this lie for so long. We put pride before fall. I mean, I'm ashamed that it took 97 years to realise that. We stand there proud in are uniforms bearing the badge of authority only to be called puppets. It's true. We are puppets. But are we going to remain puppets? In my opinion....NO WE ARE NOT!!!

Rotary Club Debate 2009

Heh! Heh! Enter Doctor T as I used to say many years ago. Didn't actually believed I could put it to work. 2nd April 2009 proved to be one of the best yet one of the darkest days I've actually seen. The day we actually prove ourselves as True Michaelian Debaters. The speakers are:

1st - Nakhieeran s/o Nallasamy (Ze Philosopher of Relativity) 2nd - James William Foong (Ze Fact Loaded Genius)
3rd - Thomas Liew (Ze Dude With Nothing Better To Say)
Reserve - Ch'ng Eng Sien (Ze Man Packing The Brains)

So, we arrived at the venue, the great SMK St. Michael (ehem, I'm patriotic about my school) at about 6.40 pm. Quarantine started at around 7.00pm. We were armed with nothing more than a dictionary. And the motion was indeed puzzling.

"Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be Is Good Advice"

So, we spent about 1 hour discussing and planning our speeches. thank God we had Eng Sien with us. His brains are indeed indispensable. Nakhieeran, the man wh…

Choral Speaking 2009

This years choral speaking competition was indeed a great one. Form 2's are better than I imagined. This year, Tihn Chern and I got enlisted to supervise and coach the new batch of choral speakers. First things first, when I got to know them, the first impression I got was "DAMN!!!"

They were a bunch of kids who were hyperactive and had no sense of order or respect for anyone older than them. Well, at least this was my initial perception of these small guns. But as I got to know them better, they are just young boys who just wanted to have fun. And we as instructors seemed a bit determined on winning.

But from it, I learned a very valuable lesson. Phases in life occur in everyone. Weren't we all cheerful and care-free when we were much younger? Seems like we get caught in the wave of advancement that we forget about the little things in life.

Well, the results for the competition? We lost.....5th out 6 schools.

Well, but I'm indeed happy. We beat Anderson and althou…

I'm Back

Hey, hey, I'm back everybody.....sorry for the month long delay. Computer showed some overheating problems, lagging and constant crashing. Finally, the lightning finished the job. Well, that sucks. Nevermind. I'm back and I'll be posting my next post in a few days time.

Well, hang loose and live life to the max people. Take care.