Valentine's Day.....

Well, I had to go back to school today along with every other student to cover for the holiday we were given on Chinese New Year. Rather sad that we had to go to school on Valentine's Day but hey, it's our duty. Thankfully, there was no teaching as our class got chosen for a talk on 'Jump Starting Your Career' and 'Resume Writing' which lasted for quite some time.

I was in a rather bad mood today but I was rather touched seeing everyone receiving gifts and goodies from their Valentine. I know I've been rather irritating and bad and I wholeheartedly understand why I don't have a Valentine. No matter, it's no biggie. My spirit was brought up by a few friends who wished me Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you guys and girls. (I'm not gay) You've really made my day a lot better.

At the end of the day, I had not received anything and was ready to go home but I was not sad. So what if I don't have anything like everyone else. Then, I realized that I had to lower the flags as it was my turn already. Heading to the front field as fast as possible, little did I know that what happened next would touch me and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Sweating under the scorching sun releasing the lashings for the flag, Siew Mian came over to wish me Happy Valentine's Day. And she gave me a Valentine's Day Card she made by herself. I holstered my tears until she went away. (trying to look 'macho') No words could show the amount of joy that I felt. It may not be a big box of chocolates but the fact that it was the thoughts that counted. After lowering all the flags, I went to the gate. Looking back, it turned out to be the greatest Valentine's Day ever.

"Thank you so much Siew Mian. You've made my Valentine's day a very memorable one.

It's not a million dollars but this is one thing I would cherish for the rest of my life.

PS: While lowering the flags, I got entangled in them. Who knew two strings could be so bothersome.


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