Rope Burn + Cut....YAY!!!!

I've got the best experience of Pioneering ever. Well, not in the total positive sense. I got ropeburned and cut. Allow me to explain. We have to build structures out of mangroves and the best part is, they can only be secured by gunny string. After tying more than 50 lashings, you'll understand why there is ropeburns and blisters. LOL! Still, our patrol won so, nough' said.

In a separate story, I got a bonus cut from a penknife on my thumb. YAY! I always wanted a battle scar. Except for a blood drenched handkerchief, the cut is about a quarter way through healing.

PS: The picture of the cut will not be shown due to the disgusting-ness.


Seng Hoo said…
got a haircut I see. I think ;p
Thomas Liew said…
Not that cut....A cut on my thumb.
Seng Hoo said…
I know. just seesm like your hair's a lil' short, thought you treated yourself to a haircut as well.
Thomas Liew said…
Interesting. I'll take that as a compliment.

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