I've Been Tagged....Interesting......

Calvyn tagged me....is that a good thing or a bad thing...I wonder. Well, with reference to the questions, I think I'll manage.

1. Do you think you are hot?
- What is that suppose to mean? I ain't hot....I'm cold.

2. Upload a favourite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture?
- It's the only one with me eating kacang....and thinking....and 'emo-ing' at the same time. Enter the multi-tasker.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
- 3rd day of CNY. Suddenly hungry so decided to order pizza. Sorry for not being traditional. Still, it sure beats the normal diet. LOL!

5. The last song you listened to
- GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD by Rascall Flatts. A very good song filled with meaning.

6. What are you thinking now....besides work, work and more work?
- Nothing much....mending a broken heart but hey, like I've said, I'm cold. Life is cruel so live with it.

7. If you could kill something/someone, what/who would in be?
- Barisan Nasional. "Eat my shoe you dogs!!!" "And then die!!"

8. What name do you prefer besides yours?

- I like the name the way it is. It has the T-effect. Uniqueness? I'm one of the only people with it in school.

9. Who do you want to tag?

a) Kelly Ong b)Benjamin Kee c) Joseph Chan d) Timothy Ong

10. Who is a)?
- Good friend from the 'land down under'........I'm talking about Australia to the dimbulbs who took more than 5 hours to realize what I'm saying....Jeez!

11. c) is having a relationship with.....

- (ahem)....not going to reveal though everyone already knows......see I'm a 'good boy' LOL!!!

12. Say something about b)

- The nicest guy to disturb....El Head Prefecto....HA! HA! Good friend too...although sometimes looks so tension like he wants to chop someones head off.

13. What about d)?

- One of the greatest friends ever. Also a brilliant breakdancer. Taught me how to breakdance....which ended in less than satisfactory results. Now in Taiping but still good friends. Cheers mate.


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