At 9pm, 22nd February 2009, I received a piece of news which completely shattered me. Jojo, my aunts pet dog, was rammed over by a car. At that very moment, the earth stood still for me. The dog which seems to have every reason to live got taken out by a heartless road hog. (I know, you're probably going to say that I'm a bit rude as it is an accident an all but NO). On most nights, residents would see this specific car turn left at that hour. But on that night, upon seeing Jojo, ahead, the vehicle sped up and knocked her, much to my aunts horror as the car dragged Jojo for several meters before stopping the car to shake it loose. Then, the vehicle sped off.

My aunt relates the story. She rushed over to Jojo who lay there bleeding from the jaw and wounds she had sustained. Jojo whimpered in pain as she bled profusely. My aunt picked her up, crying and hugging her. My aunt was so shaken by the incident, she couldn't even start the car to take Jojo to the vet. Her husband and children were also out of town. But her neighbour who saw the incident drove them to the vet. but upon reaching, Jojo was pronounced dead. She had choked on her own blood. All my aunt could do was cry. Jojo was buried opposite the house, along with her favourite squeeze toy, clothes and cap. I couldn't bring myself to actually seeing her body.

I look back, capturing the old times. Jojo was an Ipoh dog. An American Cocker Spaniel with the cutest face. She was liked by everyone. The perfect dog as many would say. When I first saw her, she was a mere pup, 2 weeks of age...about the size of my fist. She grew up and became one of the most obedient dogs ever. Able to do tricks not many other dogs could do. And now, she's gone. At the age of 4. I would like to ask God why? But even God can't answer this. So to the son of a B*** who killed her, rest assured, I will hunt you down and I will hurt you in so many ways, you can't even imagine. And don't think your family will be spared. There's a quote, "The Sins of The Father". And they shall all pay for it. I know by doing this would make me no better than him. But why do it?

I'll miss you Jojo. I pray you are in a better place.


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