Founders Day 2009

It's been 102 years since the scouting movement was started by Lord Baden Powell. This would be my last year celebrating Founder's Day and I am somewhat sad but glad that it was the most memorable experience of Founder's Day ever. And I am proud to have been a member of 02 Kinta Scout Troop for 5 years.

It began at the strike of 5.30pm. Scouts of 02 Kinta assembled in force. It began with the senior patrol consisting of Form 4's, teaching the younger ones cheers and songs. It was a bit sad that I'm already Form 5. It'll be the last year for me as I said. And I didn't get a chance to go out there with my fellow patrol members and holler the cheers one more time.

We were busy categorizing the food into their respective categories. It's a bit strange seeing the type of food being brought there. When I was Form 1, we used to have extremely simple food. Nowadays, pizzas and KFC Chicken donned the tables. It's just a strange sense of evolution between the older generation and the current one.

2% of what was served. KFC and Pizza? What the hell happened to tradition?

Next, our honourable secretary gave a brieve history lesson on Lord Baden Powell. Though he stammered a bit, he gave an accurate statement. Later, PB Samuel Lopez played the acoustic version of "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan. Good talent I must say. We were even treated to a viseo presentation of the greatest movement on Earth....The Scouts!!!!

Our secretary giving his speech. Sorry, not high megapixel enough.

Next, our group scoutmaster, Master Christoper gave his speech, followed by Mr. Vellupillai and ex- scoutmaster, Master Timothy Chee and Master Thomas Choo. I understood the difference between scouts of the past and present. The big gap between the way they rolled and the way we rolled. It's a great learning experience. Then, the cake cutting ceremony which the Form 5's were also invited to pose along with the scoutmasters as a mark of respect and honour.
Later, the senior patrol taught the young one's some more songs and finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for....CHOW TIME!!!


Everyone formed a bee line to fill their hunger pangs with food of all assortments. Still, by the looks of how they were eating, we thought they might eat the whole table while they are at it. LOL!!! Hungry punks would choke their lungs but grid irons understand ions??? (lame phrase I know.....but the choking part is still hillarious....well, if you get to see it first hand.)

Finally, it was our turn to eat. The sad part was the fact that only junk was left to be harvested but hey, half a loaf is better than none. Then, a quiz was held for the Form 1's and to 11.00pm, our troop leader declared all scouts dismissed.

Walking out the gate, I look back and thought, it's sad to be leaving so fast. Just yesterday, I was a newcomer and today, I leave as a senior. But then, it is a great term as a scout and I will never forget everything it has taught me.

Me and Quartermaster Maken.

Me and Patrol Hang Tuah.....consisting of my brothers in arms, who are sometimes hillarious.


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