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At 9pm, 22nd February 2009, I received a piece of news which completely shattered me. Jojo, my aunts pet dog, was rammed over by a car. At that very moment, the earth stood still for me. The dog which seems to have every reason to live got taken out by a heartless road hog. (I know, you're probably going to say that I'm a bit rude as it is an accident an all but NO). On most nights, residents would see this specific car turn left at that hour. But on that night, upon seeing Jojo, ahead, the vehicle sped up and knocked her, much to my aunts horror as the car dragged Jojo for several meters before stopping the car to shake it loose. Then, the vehicle sped off.

My aunt relates the story. She rushed over to Jojo who lay there bleeding from the jaw and wounds she had sustained. Jojo whimpered in pain as she bled profusely. My aunt picked her up, crying and hugging her. My aunt was so shaken by the incident, she couldn't even start the car to take Jojo to the vet. Her husband an…

Founders Day 2009

It's been 102 years since the scouting movement was started by Lord Baden Powell.This would be my last year celebrating Founder's Day and I am somewhat sad but glad that it was the most memorable experience of Founder's Day ever. And I am proud to have been a member of 02 Kinta Scout Troop for 5 years.

It began at the strike of 5.30pm. Scouts of 02 Kinta assembled in force. It began with the senior patrol consisting of Form 4's, teaching the younger ones cheers and songs. It was a bit sad that I'm already Form 5. It'll be the last year for me as I said. And I didn't get a chance to go out there with my fellow patrol members and holler the cheers one more time.

We were busy categorizing the food into their respective categories. It's a bit strange seeing the type of food being brought there. When I was Form 1, we used to have extremely simple food. Nowadays, pizzas and KFC Chicken donned the tables. It's just a strange sense of evolution between the ol…

Kelly....Saint, Saviour, Salvation!!!!

A solid teak wood box sits idle on the table, measuring about 20 x 12 x 5 inches. On the top, encrusted into the wood is the S&W emblem. Unlocking the 2 latches, the lid opens slowly and a bright shine catches the eye. Wrapped inside the silk red cloth is "Kelly". She is indeed beautiful. The finest precision instrument ever........right, I presume all of you are thinking of a girl but I'm not talking about a girl.....sorry. Now, back to the story at hand. Picking her up, a sense of power courses through the veins. Her full name, Smith & Wesson 1911 "Kelly".

The Emblem

She weighs 1.5 kilograms fully loaded and she fires the renowned .45ACP/ FMJ round. But with tender loving care, Kelly grew and matured. When she first arrived, she was in a sad shape. Stock model cost only USD1200.00 and it had a matte black coating. The hammer, slide guard and firing mechanism was all stock.

.45FMJ Round

But with research, hard work and investment, Kelly blossomed. She i…


Oh, I almost forgot. Here's wishing all the couples and also people around the world a


Valentine's Day.....

Well, I had to go back to school today along with every other student to cover for the holiday we were given on Chinese New Year. Rather sad that we had to go to school on Valentine's Day but hey, it's our duty. Thankfully, there was no teaching as our class got chosen for a talk on 'Jump Starting Your Career' and 'Resume Writing' which lasted for quite some time.

I was in a rather bad mood today but I was rather touched seeing everyone receiving gifts and goodies from their Valentine. I know I've been rather irritating and bad and I wholeheartedly understand why I don't have a Valentine. No matter, it's no biggie. My spirit was brought up by a few friends who wished me Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you guys and girls. (I'm not gay) You've really made my day a lot better.

At the end of the day, I had not received anything and was ready to go home but I was not sad. So what if I don't have anything like everyone else. Then, I realized th…

My Mind.....I Can No Longer Control It.

When work ties you down, it causes confusion to your mind. With 3 clubs, my studies, tuition, co-curricular activities and my prefects jobto juggle, it's no surprise why I'm always nutty. But I felt really bad today. Morning duty is usually a fun thing for me. But I'm slacking badly. I no longer catch as many people as I used to. I no longer act as serious as I used to. Why?

Nothing I do seems right. I am faced by problems after problems after problems. When I'm serious, I'm feared by every student I take care of. And I'm told that I'm too serious. When I try to loosen up, students think they can step on my head...and I'm told that I'm slacking.

That hit me like a real sledgehammer. Today, I felt really bad when a student tried to explain that his hair was considered short. Suddenly, a sense of anger overwhelmed me and the next thing I know, I gripped the boy by his collar and said to him, "Either you can go to the back of the line right now or I…

Rope Burn + Cut....YAY!!!!

I've got the best experience of Pioneering ever. Well, not in the total positive sense. I got ropeburned and cut. Allow me to explain. We have to build structures out of mangroves and the best part is, they can only be secured by gunny string. After tying more than 50 lashings, you'll understand why there is ropeburns and blisters. LOL! Still, our patrol won so, nough' said.

In a separate story, I got a bonus cut from a penknife on my thumb. YAY! I always wanted a battle scar. Except for a blood drenched handkerchief, the cut is about a quarter way through healing.

PS: The picture of the cut will not be shown due to the disgusting-ness.

I've Been Tagged....Interesting......

Calvyn tagged that a good thing or a bad thing...I wonder. Well, with reference to the questions, I think I'll manage.

1. Do you think you are hot?
- What is that suppose to mean? I ain't hot....I'm cold.

2. Upload a favourite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture?
- It's the only one with me eating kacang....and thinking....and 'emo-ing' at the same time. Enter the multi-tasker.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
- 3rd day of CNY. Suddenly hungry so decided to order pizza. Sorry for not being traditional. Still, it sure beats the normal diet. LOL!

5. The last song you listened to
- GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD by Rascall Flatts. A very good song filled with meaning.

6. What are you thinking now....besides work, work and more work?
- Nothing much....mending a broken heart but hey, like I've said, I'm cold. Life is cruel so live with it.

7. If you could kill something/someone, what/who would in be?
- Barisan Nasional. "Eat my shoe you dogs!…