I Am An Organized Person!!!!

To the Form 5 Prefects, maybe some of you may have noticed, I've been going around recess duty carrying a black book. For pete's sake, stop calling me form rep......It's NOT funny!!!! May I point out to you that the book is merely an organizer to aid my memory and meticulous-ness (if that is a word)...(not that I'm an unorganized person...just require some spiffing up around the edges) I write all my appointments, work and crap in there. It's not a formal thing. To those of you who think only form reps can carry those type of books, please, join us in the 21st century. It's a free country...not some imperialistic, dictator ruled country. So please, don't get the wrong impression.


Maverick Law said…
wakakaz... u're just like me, y'know? lol, i can b like tht too XD

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