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Happy Chinese New Year!!

Here's wishing you all a eventful year ahead. May the year of the Ox be a prosperous and auspicious one. To my family members and relatives who are abroad, hope to see you soon. To my brothers in arms, Ruben, Thean Soong, Jonathan, Kisor, it's been an honour serving with you all. To my friends, Benjamin, Sara, Ai Yean, Monil, RJ and Jane, you've been all really great. To my oversea buddies, Kok Weng, Daniel, Kirill, Kelly, rock on guys. And finally,


I Am An Organized Person!!!!

To the Form 5 Prefects, maybe some of you may have noticed, I've been going around recess duty carrying a black book. For pete's sake, stop calling me form rep......It's NOT funny!!!! May I point out to you that the book is merely an organizer to aid my memory and meticulous-ness (if that is a word)...(not that I'm an unorganized person...just require some spiffing up around the edges) I write all my appointments, work and crap in there. It's not a formal thing. To those of you who think only form reps can carry those type of books, please, join us in the 21st century. It's a free country...not some imperialistic, dictator ruled country. So please, don't get the wrong impression.

A Flashback

Sitting down at the table, I came across a photo which got me thinking. A picture with my senior during the farewell party last year. One year has passed since I joined the board and I've fought alongside him for a long time. I was his junior and he was my senior then. January 2009 places me as the senior and I'll soon be getting acquainted to my junior to be....whoever he is. But questions donned my head.

Will he be the same way I have been?
Will he be a loose cannon?
Will he be a pain in the neck?
Will he be a softie?

Well, they're just questions.....just questions. Nothing more. But optimism has its benefits. I can only hope for the better.


Ok, school started for a week already. A rather hectic week but more importantly, why am I still in shock? It's bad enough I lost all my enthusiasm to actually return to school but why the shock? Not only that, my head's been 'tubthumping' whole week. In the spirit of trying to re-adapt to normal life, my health has deteriorated......badly. To those of you who felt I've been rude or irritating, my deepest apologies as I've not really been myself. I pray that my headaches go away fast.

On the lighter side, a belated welcome back to school to all other students who enjoy school. It's not lame so Kudos to the school lovers. And have an eventful year. Lets pray that it's all worth it.