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Penang Trip 2009

Had a great trip to Penang. Sorry the post have to come 5 months late......again.....XD!Well, shots were taken with the 'then' new Sony Cybershot TX-1 so to those planning to buy one, these are the quality of the shots. All the best!

A Must See

Well, first things first. My old friend Kuan Yew is back from KL. A pleasant surprise I must say. He'll be here until the 24th so to all of his old buddies, if you want to hang out or shear a rug, by all means, don't hesitate to give him a ring.

Anyway, we went out for a movie. Kuan Yew bought the tickets for the show earlier so, we were spared the horror of a 'sold out'. The movie, I have to say has got to be James Cameron's best. Not gonna say much as I might 'accidentally' reveal a spoiler. So if you're free and have nothing much to do during the holidays, just drop by your local cineplex and catch this must see movie. It's guaranteed to touch the hearts of the masses.


Timothy's Back

Left - Right : Bryan Sjoeker, HamimFarhan, Timothy Ong, CalvynEe, Me, YoongXiang and RJ Kevin.

Went to Jusco today. Timothy came back from Taiping for a visit. Host for the event was CalvynEe Han Xen. Honestly , I thought not many people would be showing up but this is one time I'm proud to be proven wrong. Kudos to Calvyn for planning such an awesome outing. Kudos to his effort in making this outing a sounding success. Anyway, the day went on rather well.

I woke up at about 9.00am. Had curry noodles for breakfast. Drove to Jusco at about 10.20am and arrived in a record 10 minutes from GunungRapat. Met Calvyn, Timothy, Bryan and Jared. Was talking about Modern Warfare 2 with Jared Ee. Totally awesome conversation which resulted in reminisce of our achievements in that game. Kudos to Infinity Ward for the Hollywood like storyline, kill moves, weapons, etc. Anyway, a while later, Hamim and RJ Kevin arrived. Officially, the hang out began.

First stop was McDonalds. Timothy had to grab b…

Double Happiness

AHEM!! Just an additional note, joy does come in pairs. Went to buy a new camera earlier. Budget must be under 2 grand so DSLR? Out of the question. Originally, my bro and I, after much researching (about 15 minutes) settled on a Sony Cybershot T700 as our next requisition. But the funniest thing happened at the shop. Seriously:

Location : Sony Style Centre in Ipoh.
*conversation between me and the salesperson.

Salesperson : Yes, can I help you?
Me : Yeah, I'd like to see the Sony Cybershot T700.
Salesperson : Cybershot T700?
Me : Yes, that one.
Salesperson : (Asks supervisor about the camera) Erm.... Sorry but we do not have any in stock.
Me : Oh....ok, can you let me know when the new stock will arrive?
Salesperson : Err....We no longer order stock. It's out of date already.
Me : ???????????????
Salesperson : Can I offer you a T90, sir?
Me : No thank you. Erm... What camera, a digital camera, can I buy with a under RM2000 budget?
Salesperson : Like that ar? Then, may I recommend the Cyb…

What The %#$@?!?!?!

Well, here's something I would like to point out. My Add. Maths tuition teacher once said to me, Paper 2 is always harder than Paper 1. Should've taken her more seriously. 25th November 2009 marked one of the darkest days in Add. Maths history not only for me but I can safely say, a vast majority of Form 5 students sitting for SPM. Science stream students to be exact. It's a known fact, if you've tried all the past years SPM questions that somehow or rather, Paper 2 is indeed more fun and relaxing to do as compared to Paper 1. But still, it's basically opinion and self based.

Paper 1 for Add. Maths ranged a clear sign for superiority among all of us. Seriously. it was something which made 'kacangputeh' look like a rank amateur. I held my head up high, confident that Paper 2 would secure ultimate victory for me. I could smell it, the sound of the band playing, "We Are The Champions!", as I clench my fist, sticking it up to the world proclaiming tota…

All The Best!!!

To all SPM and STPM candidates,

The Long Road Ahead

The time has come,
Through the sound of reverberating drums,
The sands of time run, not concerning an honest pun,
We stand the might, of a blowing storm,
The determinant factor since we were born,
As we stand solemn, with a grid iron smirk,
We falsify all the false dirt,
As trash is hurled from all but here,
We place back what we hold dear,
Before us lies, the fork of Fate,
For everything we've worked for, can fall in late,
A game of roulette I must say,
But the future lies between light and day,
It's time my comrades,
For the leap of might and faith,
For the effort so far, rests on a bar,
The line stretched thin, with a choice to win,
Or destined for failure, that's up to you dear,
It's an Arden Gamble, of victory or defeat,
As we set our heads,

All the best my dearest comrades. It's my greatest honour to have been acquainted to you all. Where I've not regretted, a moment with you all. I hope by chance or …

Officially Street Legal

A little update ladies and gentlemen. I'm officially street legal. Another milestone in my life. However, there is a lot to learn and already learned with this new found achievement. some of them, are really painful to learn and discover. Namely,

-'Friendly'road users.
- 'Cheap' and reasonable fuel prices.
- 'High-Quality' road facilities.
- 'Low cost' of maintenance.
-'Compassionate' fellow drivers.

*Highlighted to emphasise sarcasm.

A few days ago, a fellow driver, after seeing the frustration etched all over my face as I alighted from my vehicle, "Ahh, you're a new driver I see. Well then, allow me to welcome you to Malaysian driving!"

The type of drivers you get on the road today are all $#*!%. I mean, would it kill you to move your finger, 1 inch to activate the indicator lights every time you want to turn? It's not that hard. And do you mind not hogging up the whole 2 lanes? I know it's your grandfathers road but it'…

Add. Maths 101 by Sunny Yee

A group of elite Form 5 students were invited to attend an Add. Maths workshop, organised by K-Perak and conducted by Mr. Sunny Yee. Yes, the one and only Sunny Yee, the Add. Maths and Physics genius. It was indeed an honour to be learning from him. However, if the time was taken into account, one can't help but wonder whether it was all worth it. The course lasted from 8.00 am -5.00 pm which is nearly the whole day.

But in my opinion, it was all worth it. I arrived there at the same time as Ban Siong. Next came along RJ Kevin and Vinod. The first thing we had to check out was the toilet. Don't ask me why but we expected it to be high tech and all that crap. Now we know, not all funds allocated for the building was put to full use. In fact, I don't even think half the money was used to build this building. Hence, at this moment, a cry of, "Malaysia Boleh, ApapunBoleh!" is in order.

As we left the loo, Melwin and KahChuen showed up. Followed by Joshua who at that mo…

A Slice of The Past 3

Finished studying Add. Maths with head splitting consequences. As I kept my writing utilities in my drawer, a shiny box caught my eye. I reached into the drawer pulling out an old, dusty, silver spectacle box (classy eh). As I wiped the layer of dust off, the name 'Revo' appeared inscribed on the cover. As I opened the box, I was greeted by a sight, I thought I had long forgotten. My first spectacles.

Upon primary observation, this pair of glasses resemble that of a bygone era. An era when digital cameras was still on paper, when LCD televisions costs RM30,000 per piece, an era I'd like to call, the late 90's. Year 1999 to be exact. That's right fellow readers. I was short sighted for 10 years already. That's a decade in other words. Yeah, but it's the institutional matter of total geek-ism which makes this pair of glasses unique. If you've noticed the design, one can't help but wonder, how prehistoric it is.

All in all, this glasses have served me we…

Malaysian Laughter

Went to Tesco to get some stationery supplies. (yeah, I ran out of Foolscap Paper for the 4th time). Not to mention, groceries. Then, I came upon this sign which really got me wondering about Malaysian thinking.

Either the person ignorantly placed this signboard here, or he needs stronger glasses or maybe, the management doesn't have the correct signs. Whatever the case, it still sends a misguided message. Any foreigner who'd stumble upon this sign would stare around aimlessly looking for the escalator.

In conclusion, in Malaysian life, things like this always occur. Hence, do not be surprised to find signboards, 3 times as hilarious.


You Must Be Joking

I used to think that life is a rather rigid item where if you play by the rules, everything would go just fine. I used to think that you have to give it your all to be something or else you would get all sorts of crap thrown at you. I know what it feels like to be in this position. Being a tall person doesn't make you the most popular guy around but it does place you as the butt of jokes. But this very concept of life (Life is a horrible thing. You live it through and just die. Silver lining my foot) which I perceived was about to change. I thought that life sucked. I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

Yesterday, I received a phone call which was about to slam me like a tonne of bricks. Seriously. It was about 4.30pm. I had just finished my Biology revision when I received this phone call and it went somewhat like this:

*phone rings

Me : Hello?

Caller : 请原谅我可能请对Thomas 刘 说吗?

Me : 是的,这是 Thomas 讲话.

Caller : 我在叫喊从........

Me : errmmm....您能否请说英语? 我不真的是能讲流利普通话.

Caller : Oh, very well then. I'm c…