Timothy Ong.....A Friend, A Brother, A Leader.

As we all know, a great friend, Timothy will be leaving for Taiping, his new port of call. To those of you who don't know him, his one of the best damn people anyone has known. He's determined, understanding and compassionate. I've known him for a very long time and I've never regretted once ever meeting him. He's an incredible break-dancer who could put any professional to shame. He's a steadfast prefect who has the integrity of the Grid Iron's.

So before he leaves, I want everyone to pray for him. May he have a great life and a brand new start in the new town. May he get peace of mind wherever he travels.
May God look over him as God has looked over us.
In short, he's a great friend, great brother and a great leader.

From left : Timothy and me.


me said…
i miss that guy.. :(
my angel has left taiping..
AOCY said…
I suppose I get some commission at least 5% because I assume that's my house background right? Hehe...

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