The Spirit.....One Of The Biggest Waste Of Time In My Life!!!!

Ok, I just came out of the cinema after watching The Spirit and the first thing on my mind was.....WTH???? That was a complete waste of my money and life....Seriously.....It was a bit disappointing when I saw that it was directed by the director of the movie 300. I expected it to be cool and bloody but what I got was boringness and stupidity. I mean, the storyline was rather predictable and the monologue in the movie was so meaningless, sleeping would have been a better option than watching it. I mean, it was always talking out loud and absolutely fake.

It's also rather offensive in the sense that the female is portrayed as the weaker sex in resisting his charm. Samuel L. Jackson portrays a Nazi and........

I don't need to explain any further....It's stupid....and it's not worth watching. Donate the money to charity. It's better than paying for the ticket.


Seng Hoo said…
you wasted 6, 8 or 10 bucks? HAHA.
and enough with the more blood, more gore thing already.
Thomas Liew said…
9 bucks.....and's stupid.

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