My First Prefects Outing

The announcement was made that my commission was to have an outing on 2nd June 2008. At first, it was to be held at Ruben's house but due to minor setbacks, we ended up at our comm. heads house. It was quite nice as a few of the members were already there. When everyone arrived, let the grub flow. Barbecue, fried food and everything else which is yummy to the tummy.

Later, all the junior prefects got a little taste of outings. I should have detected something amidst when senior Li Xing commented, "Nice pants." As we gathered round for a sharing period, we all gave our opinions and shared our feelings. Then reflection time came. We all closed our eyes and reflected on our life as a prefect. Suddenly, a water balloon hit me and I was soaking wet. Ok, payback time.

We continued the water fight until everyone was soaking wet. It was really cool. And I just realized one thing. We are all together as one. A team.......who is soaking wet.

The pictures are of commission members, soaking wet after a splashing good time.


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