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A year has passed since I joined the board and I'm officially under a new term of 08/09. The ship is under a new command with many new faces manning the decks. Honestly, before LTC, I had slight doubts on the new command but with some good people I know at the helm, I sighed in relieve. But the new faces in the board still spelled a gap in between. I'm not accustomed to their styles and personality. I am usually agressive and comical. I'm a hot headed prefect who has only one objective.... get those irritating specimens. (or in short.....HARDCORE STUDENTS!!!!) Sometimes, considering killing them isn't such a bad idea.

Then, LTC came and it seemed my understanding and personality took a 180 degree turn. I stayed with room mates I'm not used to talk to and now we are close friends. I got to know every other prefect a whole lot better and there are no longer any prejudices about others in my noggin'. I learned to be less agressive against students. I learned to put myself in their shoes. I learned that they are humans like me too. I learned that although we may enforce the law, that does not mean we can bring the hammer down.

To my family, the :


Thank you for making it a great family to be in. To my mum, Bakya and my dad, Thean Soong, thanks for looking after the family. To my brothers, thanks for being so cool and funny. To my mei mei, Siew Mian, thanks for looking out for me and helping me through thick and thin. To Su Yenn, sorry for kicking water into your face. All in all, thanks for being the greatest family ever. And your acting skills are good. I have to say. Just watch the video below.

video Check this movie out

To :

Thank you so much for teaching me the most priceless things and values in life. You taught us what no one else could have taught us. You were very friendly and at the same time compassionate towards all of us. You were funny and able to joke but serious at the same time. It has been a great thing that we got to know you and it is a very memorable thing. We've learned from you as well as you've learned from us. And with that, allow me to say for the last time, THANK YOU!! I hope we could meet again in the near future.

Thank you for planning such a marvellous event. Thank you for the great songs. Sara and Kitt Leong, thank you for going through so much hardship to handle 80 prefects. To other excos, Benjamin, Su Yenn and Leroy, thank you for looking after us and carrying out so many activities. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. To Jia Ee, the greatest guitar player, Koy Yew, my roommate, Patrick, the next American Idol, thank you very much. You guys rock.

who have looked out for me throughout the camp. To Loo Sen, thank you for your concern over my health. You are a really great friend with a big heart although you are too determined. We are all different from one another but no matter what the problem is, we always make it through and setting our differences aside, we always stay united. So to all prefects, once again, thank you. You are the one's who help me go on through ups and downs.

In conclusion, I would like to say one of my favourite quotes in life:

ROCK ON!!!!!

Meet the Spongebob Squarepants Family.

My brother and I.

Good friends together.



LOL...the video is awesome eh!..although a bit cacat cannot see very well...LOL...but no problem..i can patch that up!!!LOL..thanks for the video...LOL...btw, nice blog..LOL..
Thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep updating same way.
Regards,Ashish Leadership Training -

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