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Desert Eagle vs. Smith and Wesson 500

Two guns have claimed to be the most powerful production weapons on Earth.
In the red corner, weighing 4 pounds fully loaded and 10 inches long, the champion for 10 years straight, The Desert Eagle 50 with a legendary firepower and fame among gun enthusiasts around the world. And in the blue corner, the newcomer, weighing 6 pounds fully loaded and 15 inches long, The Smith and Wesson 500.

Both guns can easily hold the title of 'most powerful gun' . Both fire a half an inch in diameter bullet. Both weigh more than a normal handgun. Both have enough recoil energy to break a guys arm. Both have enough power to stop an elephant. But will the newcomer take the crown away from the reigning king?

Smith and Wesson 500 (Handcannon)
This gun is a revolver.
Fires a .500 Magnum bullet capable of blowing big holes in everything.
Capable of a one hit K.O.
Holds 5 rounds instead of 6 due to its size.
Double action revolving or selected single action.
Overall length of 15 inches.
Difficult to conceal.
Accurate up to 500 yards.
Immense recoil energy and muzzle energy.
Has an immense ability for psychological effect on the enemy due to size.
Costs USD5000 (performance model)

IMI Desert Eagle 50
This gun is a handgun.
Fires a .50 Action Express bullet which can penetrate armor.
Possibly capable of a one hit K.O.
Holds 7 rounds in magazine.
Semi automatic with gas operation.
Possible to conceal.
Accurate up to 150 yards.
Controllable recoil energy due to blowback operation.
Medium psychological effect on the enemy.
Costs USD3000 (high end model)

Overall, in my opinion the Smith and Wesson has officially taken the crown but at a cost. It's price, size and recoil. But its accuracy, power and reliability gives it the right to call itself 'The King'




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