BMW M3.....Overheating Problems.

What happens when you take a BMW M3 and push it to the limits? You get overheating problems. My friend Frederick took his car to the workshop for torque testing. I followed as I had 'nothing better to do'. Under the hood was a V8 engine which is a lot louder than you think it is. 3 minutes through the test and a burning metal smell can be detected. At 5 minutes, the engine was pushed to 8000 rpm's and the radiator valve was hissing. By now, the exhaust was glowing red hot and suddenly, it turned in to a jet engine. Flames shot out like a flame thrower and the car was brought back to 2000 rpm's.

Finally, the results came in and it had an overload in torque. Sadly, that stunt caused a rupture in the engine and we had no car to return home in. So, we went in a BMW, returned in a Proton. Where's our face going to be? In the nearby dumpster.

PS: This is what it would look like to you ding dongs who cant differentiate.


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