Joining St. Michael's Prefectorial Board.

Michaelian Prefectorial Board 07/08
Inter-Society Understanding Commission. I'm the tallest boy standing at the rear and my senior is up front cross-legged and my partner is the second person on my right.

It has been almost half a year since I've been in service as a Form 4 prefect in St. Michael's ans I must say it has been a wholesome experience. Since the first day I joined St. Michael's, I aspired to be a prefect. The interview was the first time I learned to face my fear of crowds. You are carefully scrutinized by all the high commissioners present and after answering the questions, you leave with a trickle of sweat down your right temple.
The only thing on your mind : "
I'm glad that's over. Now, into the hands of Fate!"

A few weeks pass and finally, the results are in and all prefect applicants who passed are being read out. You pray and keep your fingers crossed. Finally, your name is read and you sigh in relieve. But you are not on holiday. You are now on probation and you are assigned to a senior. Sometimes, you would be a two man team. Like me, I got paired up with my friend Kisor (now St. John's Sergeant) were under the same senior. Most seniors would help their juniors all the way but my senior expected us to be independent. At first I thought this would be a screwy term but eventually, we got the hang of it. We seem to be spearheading ahead although we did face our ups and downs. Duty is actually quite fun in terms of experiences gained. I learned quite a lot of things within this few months. There is also the outings which helps one to unwind and get to know each other better, but I'll explain about this outing in another post.

By the month of May, the Prefectorial Board would have been over-populated with the acceptance of the new Lower 6 intake. But there is such a term as "The More The Merrier" You meet new faces but you are still to shy to get close to them. So, you continue your usual duties with your own seniors. But little did we know the 'DAY' is approaching.

The last week of July marked the so called long awaited handover ceremony. The current board of term 07/08 is retiring. Some prefects are happy because this marks their 'freedom' from their senior. To me, It's like a painful blow. It seems like just yesterday we got to know one another and today, the very people we got to know is leaving. But my senior left me a word of advice. "No matter what happens, always remember the 5 million dollar word.....THINK!!"

Still, changes are good if they are for the better. Today, I'm really close to most of the prefects of the term 08/09. Some prefects have already passed first batch. I'm still rolling with my partner but eventually, we'd have to go our separate ways. To all the prefects, thank you for helping me through the ups and downs. God be with you all.

The Grid Iron ISUC

Me and my partner, Kisor.


Ivan Tan said…
haha, nice blog, the correct usage should be sergeant, not sargeant..
AOCY said…
Dropping by Thomas! Just to inform you that the prefect's picture that we took is supposed to be Prefectorial Board 07/08 and not 08/09. Thanks.

Aaron Oo.

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