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Joining St. Michael's Prefectorial Board.

Michaelian Prefectorial Board 07/08
Inter-Society Understanding Commission. I'm the tallest boy standing at the rear and my senior is up front cross-legged and my partner is the second person on my right.

Ithas been almost half a year since I've been in service as a Form 4 prefect in St. Michael's ans I must say it has been a wholesome experience. Since the first day I joined St. Michael's, I aspired to be a prefect. The interview was the first time I learned to face my fear of crowds. You are carefully scrutinized by all the high commissioners present and after answering the questions, you leave with a trickle of sweat down your right temple.
The only thing on your mind : " I'm glad that's over. Now, into the hands of Fate!"

A few weeks pass and finally, the results are in and all prefect applicants who passed are being read out. You pray and keep your fingers crossed. Finally, your name is read and you sigh in relieve. But you are not on holiday. You ar…